*I Need You*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

There is a freedom in your arms 
That carries me through 
Your love, Your kisses, Your charm 
I need you

To take away the pain 
When I'm down 
To take away the tears when i cry 
To take away my frown 
To help bring me up when i feel like to die

I need you 
Like the rain 
That replenishes the earth 
Like a lovers touch takes away the pain 
When the sun 
Keeps the skies above blue 
I need you 
You know how to make me smile 
You know how to have fun

I need you 
You know how to treat me 
Deep down inside i see your true 
You set my uncertainties free 
In your eyes i know this you knew

Your touch gives me strength 
And heals my broken heart 
To keep your love i'll go to any length 
Because God knows we are not meant to part


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 Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins
You're my shine 
After the rain
You're my water 
When the ocean runs dry
You're my tears 
When i can no longer cry
When I have not one friend
You're my peers
You're my courage
 When i can no longer try
You're my protection 
When i run into fears
You're my strength 
When i'm weak
You're my tissue
When i cry tears
You're my repair 
When i have a broken heart
You're my sound 
When i can no longer hear
You're my way 
When i can no longer be found
You're my day 
Before the stary night
You're my eyes 
When i no longer have sight
To me sweety you're: 
My everything 
Because together 
We have something 
We have eachother 
A special bond that'll last forever
From here to the moon
As long as we have each other 
Our Love will always bloom
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*Something's Missing From My Life*

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Feeling empty and lost deep inside me 
My heart sad and alone 
This feeling I cant set free
My heart feels like stone 
Something's missing from my life 

My heart is heavy and is broken down 
Smile has lost its way to my face 
It's turned into a frown 
Felt out of place at a slower pace 
Something's missing from my life 

Joy has run away 
Love escaped 
heartache took its place 
My feelings scraped
Something's missing from my life another day 


These clouds hanging over my head 
Following me around 
Even above my bed 
It's always raining in my space 
Finally something perfect I found
So delicate so precious as lace
There's something missing from my life


I've tried and tried for so long
To ignore the facts
But this feeling can't be wrong 
It's piling up into stacks 
But there is nothing i can do 
Something's missing from my life babi


That one thing that's been missing
I thought it through and through 
And sweety I know now all along it's been you 


I was always meant to be your lady
From beginning to end 
It's you I'll love 
You'll always be more then a friend
Forever until my life is finished and done 
Now nothing is missing from my life 



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You were at the Corner

You were at the corner,

Looked beautiful as ever,

As if an angel from heaven,

Had on the earth fallen.


You were looking at me,

Rather stealthily,

Your eyes can’t bamboozle,

Me at all.


‘I love you’, they kept saying patiently,

I knew since I could read them easily.

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You will grow but only you will know for how long.

Friends will come but many will go.

Family will stay but some will leave you too.

Relationships will be built but many will hurt you.

Success will show but not always before or after you fail first.

You will gain it all but you will lose it all too.

Love will come but will betray you because you won’t know any better first time around.

Mistakes will take place and you will be wiping tears off your face.

The bathroom will be the safest place you can be yourself. As you look at the mirror and go through many thoughts.

You will fall and feel alone in the dark. 

Influential things will take its course but ultimately its up to you to be the victim or the one who avoids it all. 

Fights will come but not all punches must land on your face.

The beauty of fights you don’t always have to run but stand tall and walk away.

There will be tests brought to your attention but you don’t always have to pass them. 

Learn from mistakes and don’t recreate them.

You start your education after graduation. Never let anyone tell you any different. 

Teachers will teach but you will only remember the educators. Listen to them.

Secrets will be shared but you don’t always have to pass it along or hear them.

Sometimes things are better said and also not said at all. 

I know you will get confused and not everything must make sense to you.

Not all you will go through must have an answer.

Understanding is key but you create the lock to the door you are trying to open to life.

You will try and fail. You will try and fail. 

You will try until you realize that trying is better than failing.

Life is precious don’t end it right away.

Speak to someone. 

Listen to what others before your time have to say.

Stress will occur. 

Solutions will come. 

Conflicts will surface. 

Circumstances will dominate. 

Take a step back. 

Breathe and rejuvenate. 

Live life not like is your last day but like you just started life today. 

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I Love You

The world is full of flowers

The night is full of due

My heart is full of love

For no one else but you


You came into my life

And took away my pain

And now the joy I feel

By just the call of your name


You’re a blessing to me

This I can’t deny

For this feeling I have for you

Keeps burning deep inside


I thank God for you everyday

And whenever I go on my knees and pray

This is what I’ll say


The world if full of flowers

The night is full of due

My heart is filled with love


For on one else but you

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I Need You Near

Should you be by my side once more,

I would never have you leave;

Your presence give most needed comfort.


Like the sunflower misses the sun for sustenance at night,


Your absence creates a similar fate for me.

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"The Cancer In Me"

I hate cancer. And not because it kills 

But because it fucks with me! Being a cancer is worse, you wouldn't know how It feels

It's a slow, poisonous venom sinking it's teeth inside my veins

It makes me upset people in the worst ways, making them experience pain


And I hate hurting you babe, I hate that you hurt me 2

I can't stand the chaos I make, can't stand the thought of you

Crying, alone, in your room what's fucking wrong with me?

It's a sickness, I can't control it, it's the devil that becomes me


And sometimes I shed a tear or two, of anger though I bleed

I grin whenever I write these words, I hate, glad you can't see

I'm sorry that I make you sad, I'm sorry that you've hurt me so bad

But fighting through this, we will rise 

And well be together until we die

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The Poison In You

What if I wasn't like you?

And I was just me, and Myself was true?


And if you did bad would it mean I would too? 

Would it mean if I did it, I'm exactly like you?


Would I be subject to your evil?

Would I be subject to your internal upheaval?


What if I am good in spirit,

And you might just rather not hear it


And if I did bad, does it mean I'm just like you?

Looking for an excuse for the culprit that causes blue?


Decisions left to baseless comparison

Myself gone from me, and origin

She tells me so, I'm just like him and her

Do you see my other qualities as just a blur?


Bring my poison, she admits me to it

Determines me as someone else and then she sits


Then, who am I?

A continuation of your deranged views, someone elses cry?