i miss you

I miss you, I need you and I love you

Love In the event you knew how a lot I need you to be right here with me! I miss you, I would like you, and I like you an excessive amount of, love, funny I miss you like a lot because the moon would miss the celebrities on a transparent evening, a lot with the intention to not think about it.

That though it has not been so long since we finally noticed one another, I feel that I would like you increasingly, love, I would like you a lot as the ocean wants its sand or as a fish wants water to reside. Love, you're the one I would like each day to observe, love, I like you a lot, a lot that love wouldn't match on the planet, besides I hold this lovely feeling within the deepest a part of my coronary heart and each day it turns into stronger, as a result of each day will increase my love in the direction of you.

My treasured, though it's distant from you, though I can't see or feel, my love for you'll by no means finish, love, that might be like taking from my life essentially the most lovely factor that has occurred to me and that's having recognized you and loving you true unconditionally

Love, I like you and I'll all the time love you my treasured one and always remember that I'll all the time be for you, my love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am professional wriiter

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The Family Pet





Fourteen years ago, I was with my family on a typical Sunday night
on the highway when a man made us move aside the road and told us that he was
giving away a dog. This dog was a puppy whose breed was Springer Spaniel and
obviously me and my sisters wanted a dog more than anything in the world so my
parents accepted it. We named our puppy Annie and on the first weeks she was in
our home she caused all kind of troubles. She destroy our bathroom door and she
cried all night long, but she needed to learn to be by her own because she was
going to be a big dog and someday she was going to be on the backyard the
house. That's why we give her a teddy bear, which made her tranquilize during
the night. Months passed by and she was getting bigger and bigger so we decided
it was time to take her out, so that
s what we did.

One day when my sister and I woke up, we went downstairs and Annie was asleep on the sofa, which was very funny to me but I guess it wasn't funny in my mom's opinion. Annie was a very playful dog, she
always wanted us to play with her and her toys, her favorite was a chicken leg
that made sounds. Every time we bought her a new toy, she never wanted it and
we understood that she wouldn't accept any other that wasn't her chicken leg. Annie
was also a very strong dog but sadly that strength started to diminish. Years
ago, my family and I found out that she was getting sick and the doctors told
us that it was nothing dangerous so we believed them but it turned out that it
was actually dangerous. Another period of time passed by and she began to get
really weak and then what we all fear about, happened. She died four weeks ago
and she was near her fourteen years of life. Even though she is not physically
with me and my family, we will always have her in our hearts and in our
memories and we will always be thankful for her life and the happiness and love
she bring us. Annie was a very special dog for us and we miss her like crazy
but that's how life is, sooner or later it was going to happen and we thank God
that she stayed with us the time that she needed to stay. 




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all of these poems are still about you

You came and went with the seasons

wandering deeper and deeper into yourself

leaving a trace of transparent footprints from here to there

you said it was whatever, "to hell with your health"

and God dammit, I should have treasured more deeply than I did

the mere fact that you insinuated I-

could sleep with you so closely in your head

you picked me apart and told me I was something

still I am not sure what exactly you meant by that

but my God, I was pleasured to be anything to someone

if that someone had the nerve to be you

no longer did I feel chained to the confines of my bed

and tears still came but they weren't ash black like before


dammit, I loved you and I still do

if I have felt anything for anyone since it was not genuine because

every quality of every person I have smiled at

in that instance may have resembled you, and I regret-

what I was thinking when

pushing you away to retract seemed like such a good idea

of a way to measure the degree of love you may or may have not felt

for me but instead

You took your leave completely thinking you inflicted this flawed process of thought in me

but in reality I am so much better with your rash opinions and your bloodshot eyes

and your stormy weather

though we're both disgusting vile creatures on our own agenda

we could make such beautiful sunny days together


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Come Back

Playing soccer in the grass, those were the days, playing football with the neighbors, getting tackled to the ground, you were there, everyday, to play, with me,and i didn't see, that you were there, everywhere, knowing what to say, and when, why it happened, and how, you were there and i didn't see, the truth, about you, and when you left, i got depressed, trying to forget, and telling myself, you'll never come back, that when you do, you know it's true, you'll need to know, that i'm still here, in the same house, living in the past, wanting you to come back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's basically about how my neighbor moved away and he was a great friend to me.

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I Want Love

I don't want this feeling,
this dragged down,
sad and lonely,
constantly frowning feeling.
I can't seem to smile,
can't seem to wrap my head around one small thought,
I just can't.
I try with words of encouragement,
yet those words seem so small to me,
as if they mean nothing to me.
But I know what it is,
or at least I think I know what it is.
I yearn for love,
therefor I yearn for companionship.
I want the feel
of the touch of someone's hand on mine.
I want to see a smile
and know that it was because you thought of me.
I want to know that before you sleep
I am the last thought on your mind,
and when you wake,
I am your first thought of the day.
I want you,
I want love,
and I want it from you.

Always in heart

Its upsetting to think that I can't meet you now and then.
Its upsetting to think bout the fact that you're so far away from me.
Its upsetting to think bout the time we spend together as it makes me wana miss you more.
Its upsetting to not have your kiss or your touch for soo long.
Its upsetting to not hear your voice for soo long.
Its upsetting to hear other couples talk of their love and moments with their loved ones and think that, If only I too could do that.
Its upsetting to think of the number of weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds more that's left for us too meet again.
Its upsetting to miss you.

But you know what baby,
This sadness is nothing when I think of the fact that every single day makes it one day less to see you again and that even though we're miles apart, we'll always be in each others heart. <3
I love you. Forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Specially dedicated to my special someone..my boyfriend.. who is another place..far away for college. We still are together and he''s gonna be here next month, meeting him after like 5 months. Missing him like anything. But as it goes," Although we're miles apart, we'll always been in each others hearts".

A thought

When Im BORED...

Have you ever felt the loneliness whenever you miss someone and you cant do anything about it?
Have you ever felt so deeply in love and you want to kiss that person but all you can do is imagine every moment that you were with them?
Have you ever learned to stop yourself from thinking that person so that you wont get hurt?
Ask me,im doing that.
Coz im missin you,really do!

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I wanted to send you something because I thought you would like to know.
I think alot about you and I thought I'd say hello.
The truth is not a day goes by without you on my mind.
So many things I want to say; still the words are hard to find.
But I don't think I need big words to tell you how I feel.
Cause when I say "I MISS YOU" that's exactly how I feel.

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fucking miss you

its hard waking up and you are my 1st thought
i lay looking up hoping sometimes your mind i cross
wondering if you miss me or if the love is completly lost
stuck feeling hopeless cause i still havent moved on
im debating on fighting for it again and showing that i still love you
but my hearts a little damage from fighting before an losing a little of you each time over an over
and if i dont fight my heart will never fully heal cause i gave up on something id never get over
so i guess pain is what my heart is destined for
which is ashamed cause it once waited for passion but it left as quick as it came
an since i know i wont get over it i write about it an a little of me hopes you see it an know that its all about you
but you probably will never look at this site so my fantasy will never come true
an to never hear your voice again or to never see you again is a pain everyday that i hate going through
because you randomly cross my mind an my heart breaks just thinking about how much it misses you
id be a little happy if u atleast reached out an let me know that you know how i feel
but not knowing if you know how i still feel KILLS
cause maybe you think im over you so you dont think of me
but maybe if you knew i wasnt over you would think of me
i dont know what to say i feel like right now im acting like a tweak
but to end this ramble i really miss her an i hope she misses me

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