A Poem

Long Live


People may not understand

What's going on between us

Or why we both take a stand

They don't know what's on our hearts


We have our own worlds

Dreams made true by words

Happy endings and all that

Sometimes, our stories get sad


They might accuse us

Of losing our minds

They cannot blame us

We are our own child


Long live! We will be remembered!

Live free! We will live forever!

Long live! We belong together!

Free will! We are so much brighter!


Words may not come easy

But we will find them our way

They will find them classic

'Cause they'll soon get them our way


Long live! They will remember our lines!

They will remember our words!

Long live! We will be part of their lives!

They will see our own worlds!

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Dressin' Up


Today, I feel to be a Taylor

Put a touch of being demure

Get everything out of our closets

Because we will be doing our best


Snatch out bills from our pouch

Scream ourselves nice and loud

Run through our room like we have dates

Beg help from our skillful roommates


When the crown is already done

Get dressed up, we're having fun

We wait for our crushes to pass by

To look at us and stop to say hi


Tonight, I am Lady Gaga

I get the crown and dress all black

Even though our feet ache

The show should start at eight


I'm dressin' up for the first time

I'm thinkin' like the world is mine

I'm walkin' like I'm about to shine

I'm talkin' like I own the night

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Told You So


I knew this would happen

But you never listened

Look at yourself in the mirror

It will show you things much clearer


You told me everything would be alright

I had a hunch that you wouldn't be right

Looking at you now makes me down

Your voice gets so husky and loud


You told me I would be very wrong

Would never see you walking at dawn

You made promises and sworn

But they're like papers you tore


I hate to tell you here in the cold

But all I can say is I told you so

I believe you're old enough to know

What lies ahead of the path you go

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Phone Call


I got too excited

Reading what you texted

I loved the way you said it

I loved the way you did it


So, I pulled myself running

Pushed my phone, heard yours ringing

I waited for you to pick it up

I heard how you just shut it up


My friend said I shouldn't give up

Kept trying 'til you picked it up

I was overjoyed

That I'd hear your voice


You said you were so busy

I waited 'til you were free

But the phone call never lasted

That one minute left me haunted


It was the worst one I ever had

It made me not happy but just sad

You could never fool me

The next time you'd ask me


I gave you my time

I thought you'd do the same for me

I thought you'd be mine

I now know the blame is on me

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Just Want To Hear Your Voice


Are you busy at this moment?

Did you read the messsage I sent?

Can I call you this time?

Can you lend me your time?


Just want to hear your voice

Just want to be rejoiced

To fill these empty words

To shield me from these swords


Time passed by, I had to wait

Hours passed by, I couldn't wait

I had to call you

I had to hear you


Your number is on the screen

Twenty minutes of staring

And something's pulling my hand back

Away from pushing the keypad


But what do I have to lose?

I've got to try

Just this one time

'Cause I've got nothing  to lose


So, I'll call you this time

Go and pick up the line

I want to hear it from you

I want to listen to you


Just one 'hi' would be okay

Or anything you could say

I promise I won't judge it

I pray that you would grant it

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Eighteen Hours


Checking my email address

Your name popped out of nowhere

Never seen you anywhere

Couldn't put my mind to rest


You were just a stranger

But I was just braver

So I went on to try

Maybe there's reason why


We exchanged numbers

Chatted about our lives

Had a lot of drawn smiles

Don't know where we were


Three hours of talking,

You said I made you laugh  hard

One hour of texting,

You said, "I'm looking forward"


Just when I thought you were the best

You proved me you were like the rest

For some reason, you apologized

For some reason, I do not know why


You left without notice

You left my world hanging

I tried to reach out

But you put me down


What did I do to make you change your mind?

Eighteen hours, I had hope

What did I do that you played like a child?

All those hours, I felt home


Maybe this is your usual game

Maybe you fool people this way

Breaking hearts in a blink

Drowning hopes as they sink


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We Dance


Lights go fade and 

It's twelve o'clock

Fairytale ends 

But not this one


When you look at me, sparks fly

When you hold my hands, I die

They tell me, "Stay away"

Part of me wants to stay


This is the night I've been wishing for

This is the part I've been dreaming for

This is no more illusion

This is a perfect vision


Don't put the lights off

Say the words I wished you'd say

With your lips so soft

Free your shoulder, there I'd lay


Lead my feet with your commands

Make them move from where I stand

What we are has no brand

We dance like there's a band


I wish this moment never ends

I pray to God you'd comprehend

What lies within my heart

That we'd have perfect start

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Giving Them Back


It was a memorable night

Finally, I woke and saw the signs

My own damnation was delayed

The salvation came right away


I'm standing at your room

Holding the only piece we two had

It's too hard to resume

Breaking all I had made you feel glad


I know we can talk this through

And hear your made-up excuse

Like you did the first time

This time, I'm very tired


I washed these pieces you gave me

To remind you I've been real

I'm giving them all back to you

What I want is to forget you


Clean and white is this glass you gave me

As innocent as I thought you'd be

The blade hurt me stronger than I thought

Everything was so wrong all along


He's Around


I should have been happy now

Dancing in the house around

Watch the fireworks across the town

But I cannot 'cause he's around


I asked for only one thing

That you do not bring him here

This should have been our night

 Now everything is dry


So, as the night go cold

I think I'd run and go

Far away from here

And this crazy thing


You spent all the days with him

You can't spare this one for me

This should have been a special day

But my smile is about to fade

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