We Never Met


We never met but I Believe we met in another Life.
Your image gives me Hope and Light in my Darkness Nights.
The sound of your Voice makes me feel that Everything will be alright.
I think of you often and how Life would be.
You and I Together for Eternity.
The Touch of your Hands and your Lips against mine.
How this thought alone makes me Tremble inside.
If we Ever Meet I must admit.
My Heartbeat would Increase seeing you near.
I will mumble my words for I will be Nervous to even Speak clear.
Please know my words of Passion will always be Sincere.
Fear is not to Fear but take a leap of Faith.
We are Destine to meet and therefore I ask of you to Believe.
While we are in Different Countries and a Huge Body of Water apart.
It Won’t be Easy to Reach you but this Poem is a Start.
Life can be Difficult and Even more when Someone has your Heart.
I only ask you to take part on what could become of us.
There is no promised tomorrow so live each moment as it comes.
Let me take your Hand and Lift you Above your Dreams.
While it seems like this all could be a Dream.
Some Dreams do become a Reality.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to: Marina S.

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My Dove

I wanted a night, you needed forever.
I thought you understood, but you weren't that clever.
I said goodbye, you couldn't endure.
Now you are cut open, bleeding on the bathroom floor.
Never did I think I could hurt you so.
You were supposed to be my fix, a dime, my blow.
But you ruined it, wanting it to be more.
I am not the girl you've been waiting for.
I am nothing and you had it all.
Threw it all away because you decide to fall.
But why me, I was never the girl for you.
And now you're days cut short, to few.
And the heart you had so big, so full of love.
I killed you, now you are just another white dove.

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I lay awake staring at the stars.
how far away they seem.
couldn't catch them if i tried
not even in my dream.
the stars aren't meant for holding
no they're meant to be free
there meant to shine and glisten
and i think theres a star in me
Don't hold me down, don't make me fall.
just to make someone wish come true
I'll shine for you in the dark.
Just don't forget me when the sky turns blue.

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I Miss You

Some things in life are too good to be true
And for me that was you

You know that I like you
I wish you’d like me too

Now I wish we never met
Because now, all I do fret

Over these thoughts of you and me
These thoughts wont let me be free

You’re the first girl I tried over
The first girl I ever cried over

You’re the first girl I kept promises for
But you don’t even talk to me anymore

I thought you were the one
It’s either you or no one

There was never a secret between the two of us
And now I made everything a mess

We used to talk all night
We wouldn’t hang up until we saw the sunlight

I used to be your best friend
And now even that’s come to an end

Is it because I asked you
If you liked me too?

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean too scare you
Please talk to me again, I really miss you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's about my best friend and the love of my life, but I messed things up with her :/ I thought putting my thoughts into a poem would help. It didn't, now I think about her even more
But yea hear it is, idc if it sucks, i just wanted to type up some pity poetry.

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Like a shiny demigod, you stand here before me with unconcerned eyes beaming down into the depths of all I am, but you’re blind and I can’t seem to find the will to help you-- I don’t care to. I’ll let you struggle and always think you know when even I can’t know. There’s a dynamic flow in everything and it’s everywhere, but still from somewhere a selfish, stagnant force fights for dictation, and gets stuck at ideation. We get stuck at identification and separate you from me. We’re isolating and decimating, contemplating and waiting for some external action to save us.
Failing to see the unity, schisms fracture Love and disrupt Peace. Quakes of arrogant desire believe their imagined lies to confine their own lives strict within the cage of fearful ignorance, securing us in sensation and fenced in selective cohesion. Reason is a thing oft in neglect, associated with only the intellect, a mere man, amassing “facts.” Think about your knowledge and realize it’s aged, already stale (naturally technique and recipe remain). We can’t know NOW, and therefore can’t measure it. With no labels, now is new, infinitely unknown… This is now. This is all there is and all I am, but not me. There is no will, therefore no actor. There is no I… There is this moment….and here, accordance with the harmony of reality occurs. “I” don’t love. Here, there is Love, Peace, and Freedom, the lack of all self. Nothing is here, but here is everything.

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I Hope for Clear Skies

I hope for clear skies
On a cool, dark night,
And that you hold me close
Will all of your might.

I hope for our words
To come freely and smooth
When we're so comfortable
Neither wants to move.

I hope that my angel
Will show me the way
And protect me and keep me
Till you save my day.

I hope that your smile
Is easy to find
When I'm lost in your eyes
and you are in mine.

I hope your hand will stay
To keep mine from the cold.
I hope you're not timid.
I hope your heart is bold.

I hope you remember
The times that we had.
They may have gone by,
But they still make me glad.

I hope most of all
That when you think of me
You think the same things
As I do of thee.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I threw this together in about 5-10 minutes, so please excuse it's imperfectness.

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of you
entice me
into your

You haunt
with your
I phantom

(c) copyright heather burns

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Die geheimnisse
von lhnen
locken sie mich
suche tiefer
in lhrem

Sie verfolgen
dy dreams

Ich phantom
sie in

(c) copyright heather burns

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I misteri
di voi
invogliare me
nel vostro

con vostro
Lo fantasma
ti in

(c) copyright heather burns

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