*These Tears Fall Because I Miss You*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Baby it's hard when your not here

To not to cry

To not let this tear fall

I'm not sad I just wish you were by my side 


I look forward to your call

These tears fall because I miss you 

This fact I no longer can hide 

Every part of me 

Wants every part of you that's true

I just wish my dreams can be set free

The way they want to be 


I want time to fly by

So I can be near you 

To hold you 

And feel your touch

You are so very true

I don't ask for much

With you I want to fly


Honey these tears fall because I miss you

I've waited long enough

I'm so glad we met

Without you in my life it's been rough

Our future honey it's set


I'm so glad to be by your side again

You're forever in my heart

Now we have our remember when

Never again let us part


These tears no longer need to fall

Because we are finally together

I look forward to your text...your call

I promise to be by your side forever




There is another side to you,
And you are the other side.

Always something you can't see,
But know it's there, when you see me.

Reflections of each other's faces,
Filling in our empty spaces.

Sun and stars we orbit 'round,
We only think we live on ground.

Underneath cascading skies,
One day we'll untie all these lies.

Until then let's waste some time,
Since there is space for us to rhyme.


© 2013

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Love Travels

Love goes up.
Love goes down.

Love goes all around.
Back and forth.
Side to side.

And all around.

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