I Want Love

I don't want this feeling,
this dragged down,
sad and lonely,
constantly frowning feeling.
I can't seem to smile,
can't seem to wrap my head around one small thought,
I just can't.
I try with words of encouragement,
yet those words seem so small to me,
as if they mean nothing to me.
But I know what it is,
or at least I think I know what it is.
I yearn for love,
therefor I yearn for companionship.
I want the feel
of the touch of someone's hand on mine.
I want to see a smile
and know that it was because you thought of me.
I want to know that before you sleep
I am the last thought on your mind,
and when you wake,
I am your first thought of the day.
I want you,
I want love,
and I want it from you.

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I like this :)- Everybody

I like this :)

- Everybody needs Love even if they say they don't want it :)