I want YOU


If we were on another level we could be together, on another plane where no one can interfere.
We could disappear & you would be mine. I would make you mine if I could, but we only exist here.
It would be perfect woven patterns of beautiful dreams, something not so surreal.
I yearn to be with you and my heart is burning with desire, where are you?
I walk around like a lemming following anyone around that will lead me to you.
I dare not even turn the music on while I search, the sound is too painful.
When I look into your mesmerizing blue eyes it’s like being dropped into freezing water and all I see are the explosions of our undying love sparkling throughout.
Just the thought of seeing your face again gives me the strength of 1000 men, courage of a lion, riches that have no price tags.
It's unbelievable what I would do just to hold you again, to smell you, kiss you.
Being without you it's like being in a bad dream, I am so small and the world around me is immense.
It's like being under the water and looking out trapped inside.
It contradicts the freezing water and now I'm burning but the desire is gone because you stole it bitch.

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