You bring out the colors in my world

Like the perfect frame

On a beautiful painting


The blues are so deep

The reds so alive

You make colors emerge

That could never be seen before


Fragrant like a melody

Soft like a tapestry

Woven together by hope


Rejected for so long

Yet unabated you flow

Through the crevices in my heart

Redeeming a broken girl

Moving past the graven walls

Built to protect her

From the very love

That would make her free


Like water carving beauty into rock

Gently smoothing the surface

Uncovering soothing layers of calm

Hidden beneath roughly hewn stone


Through rhythmic currents of tenderness

And the unceasing tide of understanding

You reveal me

And for the first time in my life 

I am not afraid

Jrh ~;;~


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Urban Repentance

Writing these poetic sentences as my urban repentance.
Blessing my adversaries with passive vengeance.
That's basically forgiveness and if they don't accept it.
I'm cool with it I got to use my energy more positively.
Can't just waltz in the Devil's Advocate.
Got to make a decision in the hour of reckoning.
Either chose the way of truth or commence to living lies.
A life of fabrication is nothing but false statements.
Also the malignant information that has infiltrated our generation.
I'm not speaking this way to traumatize or frightened.
I'm here to open and enlightened your minds.
Now it's time unify and put genocide to a screeching halt.
In this day of age we're in pain but it's not our fault.
We just caught in our twisted history.
Years of misery if you look at the news you'll see a cruel tapestry.
Painted with the tears of fallen angels.
This is how we was raised to hate and embrace the division.
That's why it's soo much tension killing a man for religious differences.
Then ridiculing someone because of their appearance.
I only ask why?
Why he or she must die?
Why these children get victimized?
Why we must divide?
Time for us to no longer hide behind our false pride.
I apologized to anyone I ever offended and if you do the same we can make a difference.
Call this our urban repentance!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hearing and seeing disturbing events at school just felt like I should write on making change stopping the troubles and to all the people I ever disrespected accept this as my apology.

longing for

open door's

You always look at how I acted,always quick to call me out on it but never stop and think. You might be the reason for it all,you don't see your actions is the cause of my reaction and even when I tell you that what you are doing is wrong but still you don't listen or see it. You always quick to point your finger. So now we don't see eye to eye,I tried my best to work on the problem on hand but it takes two and you don't even see the problem. How can it be fixed when you chose not to see it. The peace is no more and I have tried my best. Now I'm walking away and hope I find peace,the peace I've been longing for

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Let me lie

Let me freeze again

Till death do we part

And we are on a fast road there

Let me die

Let me live

For death is only the beginning


And I will rise again

Spring Renewal

The scent of a Dragon Blood incense slowly filling the room.

The distant sound of frogs chirping, like a bedtime chorus, making its way through an open window for the first time this spring.

Your strong loving arms holding me close, feeling the the gentle rise and fall of your chest.

The feeling of your warm breath just barely caressing the back of my neck, as you’re curled up behind me.

Tonight I am completely at peace.


Tonight, I am at home in your arms.

A World Of Peace (World - Peace - Gift)(Clerihew)

It would be a great gift
give our souls a gentle lift,
to finally get some
this world can be a horrible beast.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this may be short, but big things, come in small packages.

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Earth taketh thee.

Yesterday's thoughts,

And my soul that rots.


   Engineer thy grave.                       

   I forgot thy cave                   

   Coz it be, sadly,     

   Where my sorrows lay gladly.


      Promises fade

      My shaded heart is forgot.

      Weak to my knees

      But the storm grow thy trees.

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The Voice Of A Fallen Soldier

Here we perished
For a count'y we so much adored
But did our dear country love us?

For if our country had loved us
Not it would have sent us to war

If our country loved us,
PEACE it would have chose!

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Light and Dark

Where where is darkness
There is light
Where there is daytime
There is night
Where there is peace-time
There is war
When comes after
Look before