Peace Among Humans


Peace among humans is a must

But all we share is a look of disgust

Disrespect and lack of trust


Peace among humans is there

So little, to find is very rare

But nobody seems to care


Peace among humans is wanted

But everyone is simply blinded

By hatred and frighten


Peace among humans is desired

From everyone who inspired


Other with love whom conspired

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My tomorrow near starts without you
For I'm not here to see
I know the sun will rise and find your eyes
They will be filled with tears for you

I know you will cry but hope you don't
For today you did
Your thinking of all the things
We didn't have time to say

You know how much I love you
I love you as much
I think of you each time
I always know your thinking of me

Tomorrow will not start without you
I hope you understand
I know an Angel came and she called your name
She took you by the hand

Told you your place was ready in heaven above
You would have to leave
The ones you love so dearly
But as you walked through heaven's gates

You felt at home so much
That God smiled at you and looked down
He said from his Golden Throne
This is all I have promised you it is eternity.

Life on earth is past for today
It starts anew
No tomorrow I promise
Today will last always

Each day's the same
For the past there's no longing
Tomorrow will not start without you
I know we will not be far apart

I think of you every time
Here in your heart I will be.

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