Rest Assured

You, I will accompany,

Like Virgil in The Divine Comedy,

I will be your shadow,

A constant friend wherever you go!

I will never misguide you like Iago,

This is something you must know,

I am not Mephistopheles,

Neither am I a contagious disease!


Love in return is what I long for,


Love is the remedy I can get from you evermore!

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Be Still


               Be Still!

Be still and know that I am God.

And that wonders will never cease.

That I'm right here and never left.

Even though you thought that first.

At times...we all can feel let down, 

And at times like "No One" cares.

But it's not true, in time it will show through..

That "My Love" was "Always" there.

I've shown "My Love" through these Angels above,

That help you though unaware.

They're there to "Guide" and "Comfort" you.

And to help you become more prepared.

That you'll be fine...and learn in time...

That "My Love" was "Always There".

And that this was just for a Season.

To further your life instead.

So know "My Love" your Loved from above,

No Matter or what you might think.

And that I Rest You in the Palm of my Hand,

Even though You May Not Even Think!

Written and Composed By: Denise Hall-Campbell

Psalm 46:10 "Be Still, AND KNOW THAT I AM "GOD".

Psalm 139:10 Even there "Your Hand" shall lead me,

and your right hand shall hold me up.

Isaiah 41:10 Don't be afraid, for I am your God.  I will

Strengthen you and help you.  I will hold you up with my

Victorious Right Hand.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by God and the Holy Spirit.  The separation from the ones you Love brings the Holy Spirit close to your heart.

Dance of the Dragonfly




Large cup-shaped crater at the public gardens

Filled with water, lilies, and maiden grasses

Home to a family of ducks and koi, who

Swim gently under skipping water striders


A space free of predators. A protected habitat.

Ample time to watch the dragonflies dance

Above rippling water and wind-waved reeds

Pellets of food provided by hands outreached


When people have stopped their bustling

The sun’s hot rays have wrapped up the day

With Orion watching amid sparkling stars

On solid steady rock, I tuck my feet and head


Ease into a bowl-shaped slumber

Secure as protected unhatched egg

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 Opinionated, educated, sensitive


strong, a leader, fragile


“That girl’s got moxie!”


Betrayed by her sisters


Shunned by her brothers


“That woman’s a Bitch!”


Shame, Fear, Loneliness


Strength, Peace, Frailty


“That child is mine.”


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Prism of maimed love

i'll walk alone.. with your precense carved into my heart...

not even stones could break down what i've built up. not any hatred... no fear.

it's going to stay right here..

as long as it remains untouched.. if I can manage to let it be..

then i'll always have you with me.


as much as I may look up to the stars & cry..

as much as I ask the sun why...

how often I wish the clouds away.. 

is as much as I feel you every day.. 


maybe there is a sharp fence around your heart...

is there cotton in your ears..? is your vision pitch black..?

have you gone blind? is your mind in tact..?

do you think you're just fine..?


silly me.. still wondering, though we've left it all behind..


all I really want is to die in the grace of someone I love..

gazing into their eyes.. arms held tight..

my spirit could finally take flight. 


i'm so fucking sick of this misery..

i'm tired of not having any energy..

i'm done with the pressure on the sides of my head..

i'm finished with the aches in my back.. 

i'll drown out all the nausea..

I will forget about the broken glass..

the shattered past.. 


if we didn't know such a thing as sadness existed, would we still feel it..?

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Your my poem
my inspiration

you fill my day
with burning

in the stillness
of the night
I seek you out.

your my refuge
in the storm.

the beat of my
without you I
would not be.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

without you I would not be.

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"If I Could Know"

by Jeph Johnson


If I could know you'd never leave me
If I could know you'd always care
If I could know you'd be there for me
If I could know I'd be aware


And when others spoke of true love
I used to wonder how they knew
When the right person in their mind's eye
Would reawaken what was true
And it's the trusting and devotion
The faith in each other's eyes
The look that says I love you
The dreams that never die
It all seems so foreign to me
Almost like deja vu erased
Reading the look of love
That I could know was on your face    


If I could know...
then you'd never leave me
If I could know...
then you'd always care
If I could know...
then you'd be there for me
If I could know...
you'd be aware

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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