Far Side Of The Hill

There's only one way to find out
how the grass tastes
on the far side of the hill.

I have an unshakable believe that it IS sweet
but only if you choose the right hill and the right way to get there.
But faith is unshakable.

Therefore I ride on, without retreat,
and go to find the grass that's sweet.
Though I must leave the 99 in the open country.
Just for a time.
Or perhaps for a time and half a time.
Who can say.
So I'll let Him tell you.


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The Face Of Christ

The Face Of Christ

as a young boy I was out in my lawn
I looked intently up at the sky

to my amazement I saw the face of Christ
having a vast domain of saints behind him

Suddenly I was paralyzed inside
for I had no where to run away & hide

there was lines being formed in the sky
this adage of thought is no lie

tears began to flow from my eyes
I wasn't ready for the return of my Lord

for I had to much sin in my life
amidst the barrage of thoughts and strife

There he was in the sky I couldn't believe my eyes
a beacon of hope to a hurting world in search of love

all from the amazing hand from up above
he looked very primitive almost on edge

with many thoughts swirling around inside my head
maybe he wanted to wake the dead

I will always remember that dear scene in my mind
For now I could see with no more to be blind

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Who The Hell Cares

Who The Hell Cares ?

you bitch...
you pout,
you scream
so what ?

inside you hide behind four walls
you don't have to say you love me
viscous long hanging fangs with blood dripping off side
today you want to support a cause but you don't know

eyes, face & hands
when will you ever live to understand
your god is sin, self & Satan
you need a long rest on a long awaited vacation

you surf the web a doorway to Hell
now I have a very good story in which to tell
an old man took out his teeth to eat a bowl of Maypo
his folly was sadness in the grips of his climatic suffering

Suffering in silence...
it's in in tuned harmony to its hidden beasts menagerie
so who the Hell cares ?
of how you really feel inside

just want to take your stuff and run away and hide
growing up in the tribal schools preparing you for college
the choices you make today will become evident in eternity's sway
some lie in wait in order to tease

What are you all really trying to achieve ?

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a rain drop
look inside we have nothing to hide
a premonition

the woods
through the forest we see a glimmer of light
the absence of the good brings on the bad
Surrender to the force
quick conclusions will often lead the best of us astray,
the wisest move in life is but to wait
otherwise are galloping emotions run away
like horses at the gate

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The Beast Unseen

The Beast Unseen

Lying in wait, patiently silently following every move,
Unseen by most, till a moment before a strike, then silence you lose,
Claws like a razor, teeth like a knife
As they are digging, you cling to life,
Your oxygen cut off, the breathing is thin,
Nothing left now, no you won't win,

Another life claimed, by the wit and the skill
The appetite curbed, the beast claims the kill,
The beast, the victor, opponent, has none
before it was started the battle was done
Unseen, came the battle, victory unclear,
A death, escape, a way out was near

Unseen it came left just the same
A pile of bones, unrecognized no name,
Disappeared like a shadow, gone out of sight
Another day finished, now stalking the night
Keep your eyes open, use silence to hear
If it's unseen, the beast could be near

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Hey Mr Government ( song lyrics/acoustic guitar)

Song Lyrics

Song lyrics for acoustic guitar

(The chords are G D A)


Hey mister president,

Thanks for dropping by 

I hope you know that I

Wanted you to try and break us free


Hey mister president 

Did you know that I have sent

A letter to our government

But it was never relevant or read to you


Hey mister government 

Thank you for the times

And Thank you for my dimes 

And thank you fr'all the lies 

But it's just  a fools game anyhow 


Hey mister senator

I hope your feeling proud 

With your head up in clouds

 a wife you sleep around 

Pictured is a man who looks just like you


Hey mister president 

I hope you play my song

On the white houses front lawn 

And that it makes you think about 

What it means 

To be 

Counted on for change 

But not a pocket full of dimes 

Or building walls  or speeding fines 

Just a voice to keep my time 

And we will all hold hands and sing

with a voice that is the meaning 


Of tomorrow 

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Sunday Evening in June, London, 2017

Sunday Evening in June, London, 2017

By JFarrell


The cats wearily open an eye as I walk by,

Too tired, too hot,

To see if I come armed with a bag of sweets;

The chirps and tweets of birds;

Sparrows, tits, pigeons, gulls,

As they nestle in for the night.

The sky is a light blue-gray,

And the deep violet clouds are edged with an orange hue.

Just a single plane in the vastness of the sky.

The light breeze is very pleasant

Getting under my shirt and up my sleeves

A very welcome coolness.



I wish it could stay like this forever;

In peace;

But, with the morrow

Will come the aftermath of last week’s tragedy,

Hopefully lessened in tension and anger, if not grief;

And who can foretell what else

Tomorrow or the days after may bring.


Though I know it can’t last forever

I still wish peace for London and the World

In the hope that one day it might.


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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When The Tales Awake

when the tales awake

where would you go to escape if the fairy books awoke ?
would you run into a galaxy of mazes and stars
and colors so beautiful that only the most innocent could tell of ?
would you hide in a room with only the cowardly and then form together...

in all your fear and make a mountain ?
would you stay and play beautiful music and tell melancholy tales
for Robin & Marion
and the other outlaws ?

would you leap into a thousand kisses
or float into eternity ?
would you laugh in the courtyards of queens and dance
to the maiden's

songs of unicorns and dragons ?
or would you play games with all the children of
the unknown fairy tales
and guide Mili and be her angel ?

would you laugh and cry
with the winds
and fly away with the swans ?

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Falling in the dust on the ground
A way to explain with hip hop beats in my brain

Staying up late at night just chilling with a flame
This is a roll up so what's the hold up

A fly by night explosion with a tear in my eye
Does this come at a big enough surprise

Born in the hood doing no good
Washing dishes for a living

No more remorse nor any forgiving
All my home boys in the street

I sprang a brand new leak
A tender moment like a rose

Up your nose with a rubber hose
Sugar is sweet like a scent of the honey

Getting you broke with no more money
Skipping jump rope playing spades


Having it made in the shade
Act you age

We only go this way once so we must be proud
Having a nine to your head wake up late falling dead

Success in life is very sweet and appealing to the eye
A quaint way to greet a passerby

Still I'm falling but I can't get up
I a world torn with violence what's the hold up

Shallow lies no surprise must we fall prey to those wicked lies

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