Meet the one

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A song I wrote about my "dream guy" and I trying to take a chance on each other since our bond is deep/strong and cannot be: 1) broken, 2) ignored, and 3) denied.

Odd Man Out

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I'm in a weird space within right now.

Trying to find the strength to go radio silent and let the true friendships surface.

Trying to find a true friendship with myself, and rebuild my connection to my spirit.

Distance and space are hard to do when you feel like you'll be missing out on others.

But, it's time.

*Untitled 7*

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I may add more to this one. I don't feel it's complete.

The One Who

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Many Burning Candles

Positive Thought
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Peace Among Humans

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Never Gone

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Inspired by:





As I wrote somehow the thought of JFKs death rose within me and my love for my better half. Probably because of the date you wrote your poem. -peace-

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