Plop, Plop And Away








Plop, Plop And Away

Our beliefs are false

vestigial wings of kiwis—

relish how it flies

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Fletching Weapons Against Mourning Doves

Animal Rights

With his initials
he carved his arrows
after them he did fletch
And then his slave
bird dog he sent
the murdered
bird to fetch.
It was a morning dove
for whose dead body
he was fletching.

He killed doves,
symbols of the Holy
Spirit and of peacemakers.
saiom shriver

Footnote: Unelected Republican Supreme Court Justice
Gorsuch, the only justice on the court or in many
decades to receive
fewer than 60 votes by senators, is a dove hunter
as is the billionaire Philip Anschutz who financed
the propaganda promotion of Gorsuch.
Gorsuch is one of the 5 males making up the pentocracy
of the antedeluvian court whose antidemocratic scotching
of the will of the vast majority of the US.


saiom shriver



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Lady Bug

I remember in the beginnig

we were just "going with the flow"

you planned a roadtrip

and kept the destination a secret 


I remeber feeling elated, excited, alive 

you pulled over next to a sunflower field

and I found myself, heart racing,

pushing through tall grass, 

jumping a barbed wire fence

and returning with my prize


I remember that beautiful little town

how the next day,

you took me to the bird sanctuary 

how I sat there admiring these creatures 

how I envied their wings


I remember when all those ladybugs

dotted your car 

How I felt like a child

waiting for each one to fly away


And later, finding a little lost lady

inside with us

how I wanted her to stay 

how we cracked the window

and set her free instead 

I remember wishing upon her beauty


and the next day at breakfast,

how I shrieked when a giant locust

crashed into my face 

except it wasn't a locust

you reached over to reveal another

little dot lady and I squealed with delight 


her little legs tickled my hand

at the tip of my pinkie she spread her

little wings and fluttered away

I remember we looked up her meaning

lady of luck, messenger of blessings to come

how I felt it could not have been

more perfect with you 


And then the drive home,

Spotting yet another little lady 

trapped inside your car

how we were already driving too fast

how she held on to the window's edge

how I urged her to fly


You suddenly pulled over

and I remember thinking it was

the sweetest thing of you to do 

I remember telling the little lady she could fly

how I whispered goodbye when she did 

how my heart surged with gratitude

while my eyes got warm and salty

how you pulled me to you

and how that kiss tasted like flying

I felt like the luckiest lady in the world


you called me your Lady Bug

I'll never forget it 



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Mysterious Bird

Is each bird a courier of God?

May be, may be not!

Once from a bird,

A hint I have got!


Once my beloved has sunk,

In the well of fury!

No possible ways to console,

Are apparently left before me!


It is at that very moment,


With a message a bird He has sent!

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Tree and Bird

Tree and Bird


Tree lets bird play, without shooing away

not taken by convulsive throes.

Like a primate, in a vegetative state

who wishes to scratch his nose.

Tree has a need, to spread his seed

so he welcomes little birds toes.

He offers a bribe, to be carried inside

and removed from my car with a hose.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

set to music here

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একটি পাখী

একটি পাখী উড়ে চলছে তো চলছেই,

আজ যেন তার ছুটির দিন, কোনও কাজ নেই!

সে দেখছে ছেলেরা কিভাবে নদীর পারে গোল্লাছুট খেলছে,

কিভাবে বটবৃক্ষের পাতাগুলো দুষ্টু বাতাস উড়িয়ে নিচ্ছে।


একটু সামনে যেতেই পাখিটি দেখে,

গাঁয়ের এক সুন্দরী নববধূকে,

যার পায়ের ডালিমের মত আলতার রং এখনও শুকায়নি,

মাথায় ঘুমটা টেনে লাজুক ভঙ্গীতে যাচ্ছে নিয়ে পানি।


সেই নববধূর পায়ের তলে,

শুকনো পাতা কি যেন যায় বলে!

তারপর পাখীর দৃষ্টি গিয়ে পড়ে,

একজন বৃদ্ধ কৃষকের উপরে।


কৃষকের মাথায় হাত,

যেহেতু ভীষণ বৃষ্টি হয়েছে সারারাত,

ফসলের ব্যাপক ক্ষতি হয়েছে সাধন,

ঋষির মত বসে বসে ভাবছে করবে কি এখন?


আরেকটু এগিয়ে যেতেই পাখীটি দেখে,

এক দুষ্টু ছেলে লেজ ধরে দৌড়াচ্ছে একটি নিস্পাপ গাভীকে,

আরেকজন অলিম্পিকের প্রতিযোগীর মত দৌড়াচ্ছে প্রাণপণে,

সুতো ছেড়ে যাওয়া রঙিন ঘুড়ীর পেছনে!

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*Description of a Bird*

October.2. & October.5.2000 
Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

So many different melodies 
So Many Different colors 
The beauty within some never sees 
Some drink flowers 
Some attack to get their pray 
Others have no strength no powers 
A lot go to sleep during the day 


Even though there are many birds 
Near and Far 
They usually fly in herds 
Some can fly as high as the nearest star 


We love them all 
Big and small 
But like always they must go 
Soon it'll be fall 
Most birds hate the snow 


Until spring arrives 
And the flowers bloom 
South is there the birds will fly 
Somewhere that's warm 
Will be their new cozy room 
Away from the cold winter storm 



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Speak the Word

Speak the Word

Hope is a power,

An evil Devour.

Love is a song,

Steady and long.

Peace is a bird,

A flock above the herd.

Yet these Words will diminish,

Unless we do not Cower,

Unless we sound the Gong,

Unless we Speak the Word.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry it was short. I made that one awhile ago and it really touched my heart.

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Like a Bird

I wish I could fly,

Like a bird,

And rule over the cloud high,

Like a King being glad!


I’d see the things hidden,

And know the unknown,

I’d find a branch to rest on then,

Watching how the cattle are drawn.


I’d circle around the flying kite,

And look at the happy faces,

Of the children of light,

And watch after the lost kite their races.


I’d drink fresh water,

From the nearby pond,

And resume my flight after,

A few seconds.


I’d fly across the seas,

Enjoying the beauty,

Of the mountains and trees,

Before returning home safely.

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