Solitude is something I know a lot about

It has more pros than cons without a doubt

Isolation and withdrawal aren't always bad

Peace and quiet privacy doesn't make me sad

I like doing my own thing 

without worrying what anyone thinks

if they like it or not I don't care

that is one less cross to bear

although in the truest sense

I'm not alone...I have my pets

they keep me company

and they don't judge me

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Thoughts On Natural Solitude

As I walk through forests

Dark and deep

I notice the song therein

Birds in their nests

Joyously welcoming their newborns

Foxes padding quietly to their dens

Squirrels barking and playing like children


I often stop and fall silent

Away from the illusion

Of control and importance

We create in our world


Here, I belong

Here, I'm not all-important

There is a peacefulness

That creeps into my soul

And douses the painful fires

Of self that I let burn hot


Walking through the trees

Listening to the softly falling rain

Just to live, to Be

Not as nature's conqueror

But as a spectator in a beautiful world

To stand alone in silence

To contemplate, I AM

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Hills Drive



There’s serenity to being alone when you write,
Being guided by the inspirational light,
A muse to follow and pursue,
To find the words that describe what alludes.


This paper is my canvas,
These words are my paints,
A hyperbole manifesting,
Always the hardest of times,
Always the greatest of rewards.


What we paint lasts forever,
And for that we assume our words
change those around us,
The same way they change ourselves.


We believe they feel our thoughts,
Understand our message,
See the stroke we intended,
Without making a unique interpretation.


And yet again we find truth
that they see what they need,
Not what we wrote, not what we saw,
They understood what they want,
And there is one less lonely thought.


So, while the serenity comes when you are alone,
Don’t forget that paints can be seen in different tones,
And while a painful memory is your bleeding scar,
The light they use to read is coming from a different heart.

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a rain drop
look inside we have nothing to hide
a premonition

the woods
through the forest we see a glimmer of light
the absence of the good brings on the bad
Surrender to the force
quick conclusions will often lead the best of us astray,
the wisest move in life is but to wait
otherwise are galloping emotions run away
like horses at the gate

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Oh, Captain

I knew that to love her was suicide, but my god her brokenness was beautiful,


A tragic mess who had learned to dance with her skeletons


She rocked to sleep those restless memories, held pain so close to her chest


Insomnia was her most reliable friend,

The emblem of their nightly charades displayed as mottled darkness beneath her eyes


She was a survivor when all others stayed victims

Her body a battlefield, littered with fading scars and the faint aroma of suffering

Both mingling with olive skin and sweet perfume


But survival is gorgeous


She didn't want love, didn't need a companion

Only a loyal captain to stand silent at the helm of her sinking ship


Never before did a gun placed to my temple feel so full of life

In Solitude I Tread

In solitude I tread,

Choose to say what is unsaid,

Through my weapon,

Called pen.


I am alone but not lonely,

Since I have the ray heavenly,

The ray of justice,

The ray of eternal peace!


I wish I could replace dirtiness,

With love, with kindness!

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All alone All along

like porcelain shavings

her skin began to crack

like a feather floating on thin air

she's losing strands of silken hair


the mirror spits back 

all the qualities in which we lack

like needles in our eyes

poisoned with vain lies


she savored the quiet moments 

devoid of conversation 

the sound of still breathing

the footsteps that followed him leaving.


the closer I feel

the further you fade

the more I crave

the less you feed

so I chose not to need 

a single thing..


will there ever be a solid bridge built to cross..?

a river below, to toss our fears away...

voices muffled, as she sank deeper

yet no hand reaches.

sunshine streaks through the surface

the only warmth you'll get

engulfed in cold fluids

& a heart weighed down by loves disillusions---

many reminders of what could have been..


all alone

she knew it all along..

Author's Notes/Comments: 



Solitude is peace.


You don’t have to listen to others.


When you’re alone,


You can shut out humanity’s corruption.




Nightfall holds no meaning.


If you’re at peace, let be.


Sunlight holds no meaning.


If you’re at peace, let be.




How peaceful it is to be alone.


To be alone is to meditate.


To meditate is to see truth.


To see truth is to be at peace.




You don’t have to listen to others.


A family isn’t needed for peace.


The light that lives inside,


You’ll see it even better when alone.




Reside alone with only the light.


With the light by your side,


You will feel no loneliness,


Only solitude, only peace.




If you seek the light,


You won’t find it in people.


If you seek the dark,


Finding the light will be easy.




If you find the light,


You won’t need people.


You’ll have the light,


And you’ll know peace.




Should you forget about people?


No, even though you don’t need them,


Remember this,


They might need you.




Live for peace.


Live knowing death.


All life dies, yet lives on.


Death comes and peace remains.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope people can make some sense of what I was saying. Sometimes I just spill my emotions onto a page and end up not sure if it's even logical.


I felt like writing this because in the past few years I've dwelled on the darkness I see in myself and other people - the corruption. I see so much of it that I tend to lose sight of what's good. For a while I dwelled on the darkness and felt content with hatred. I hated the human race. I wanted to watch it die because in my mind everyone, including myself, deserved it. But now I've found peace in solitude and prayer/meditation. Even though I still easily see bad things in myself and other people I've become a little more numb to them. I'm more able to highlight the good things in people. I've done this by turning not to people themselves, but to something higher, much higher. I crave solitude and time alone so that I can reflect on this, and so that I'm not so sickened by the world around me.

A Walk

Intoxicated in emotion
To ease into the lucid ocean
Quiets the mind of any commotion
The warmth hugs my core as I bask upon the shore
It's supple flavor opens the window and invites to show me more
It's the fire that relaxes me during the storm by reminding me I can be sure
The solidity dissipates softly and was once a roar 
It follows me when I walk out the door
The schism lets go and floats into a full soar 
I stood firm with my chin up high
Unafraid to look the mirror in the eye
The spark was love and grounded by a still Earth
Like a gentle wave that calmly swayed back and forth 
Beaming in the glow of awareness 

The silence whispers me the answers 
They've found me and I am kissed with bliss
Blessed the path I walk in solitude 
Lost the conditioning and was gifted something brilliant and hued with new 
To open the pain was to induce my roots into my center
The serenity let the magic come alive
It was then I realized that the present is both the light
and night
Neither wrong or right, both part of eachother
There's no need to fight 
Let it be as this existence just is 
And we just are
Open and you will become the essence of life
Smile with a tear
You're a precious child 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Melt into the ocean... 

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