How to read The Bible

How to read The Bible

By JFarrell


It’s always struck me

No-one reads the Bible properly

Everyone reads

With preconceived ideas


Inspired by god, maybe

But written by men

For the benefit of men

For the control of men and women


And nowhere

Does it say what Jesus said

And nowhere

Does it say what Jesus did


It tells

What others say Jesus said and did

And in any court

That is called “here-say”


So, dear believer

Next time you read the Bible

Please try reading it with an open mind;

Maybe, god will speak back.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

reading is good

A Poet

A Poet

To be a poet is to remain forever young
To understand the sun before the scholar's words
To be able to sleep and to sleep again
On another planet in a secret meadow

To embrace the universe with tenderness
and to relish the impossible happiness of some crazy dream
To keep doing tirelessly and always to welcome
every minute with an open mind

To be a poet is to dialogue with shadows and lights
To begin a bright day when darkness hangs heavy on your hands
To be a poet is to read new words on every face
To be a poet is to be able to say and to glorify

To probe the abyss of the heart
To love without constraints, to pine for love
To be a poet is to recognize oneself in the present moment
It's to be fully alive

To be a poet is to stretch out the arms to life
To say life when the rabble death cries
To be a poet is to be born again every second
To be a magnificent tree in the valley of peace

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The Persistent Quest

The Persistent Quest

I've been searching and searching
for something I had lost
And I vowed to keep on looking,
regardless of the cost

I'd climb the highest mountain,
And I'd sail the ocean blue
I would roam all through the
forest, if my dream would just come true

I'd walk out by the wayside, and I'd look both up and down
Thinking if perhaps I'd listen, I might even hear a sound
I thought that I would give up
and go on the way things are,

Or keep forever searching,
whether it be near or far
Finally something struck me like
a bolt out of the blue

I found what I was searching for,
and that something was you

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Van Halen

Van Halen
a young kid running the streets of California
Brother Alex playing on the pots & pans
In time young Eddie bought a guitar
hoping in his heart he'll go far

Although from that scene many years had passed
still having every reason to grasp,
A deep aura of musical talent intact
Soon a band was formed with Diamond Dave, Alex, Michael & Ed

what was going on inside his head
flirting with drugs along his path
Working so hard anyone else would have a heart attack
Eruption on stage with the wailing of his guitar 1984

Still time had passed and the parting of the ways with Diamond Dave
Out of sadness there was new gladness with Sammy singing lead
A break up with Valerie Bertenelli yet out came son Wolfie
Hitting the streets again a brief excursion

A band with a talent unmatched still another parting of ways
Then it was Mr. Cherona that fell apart at the seems to extreme
Looking back today the band went all the way
Shooting to the stars a reunited band with Diamond Dave again

Perhaps it's best to hold our breath and count to the number ten ?
Eddie was and still is my biggest inspiration
Now is a good time for the band to take a break on a long vacation.

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Unending Love

Unending Love

After all of this time of being apart
We still love each other, with all of our hearts
I can't find the words to express how I feel
Sure, I'm glad that you're back

yet it just doesn't seem real
You've been gone for so long
But now you reappear and say
that your love is still strong

I couldn't believe what I was hearing
Yet in my heart, there's something that I'm fearing
I loved you too much once, and you left me alone
I want you with me forever, not for me to wake up and you be gone

I've cried over you so many times before,
And it all seemed useless, like the sands on the shore
I've waited and waited, on your return,
Now you're back with me, and our love does once more burn

You say you'll never love me as you once did;
I feel the same, because a painful memory is hard to rid
Yes, I told you that I'd been with others, same as you
But even with them, my love for you so much

Is it your ways, your personality, or your gentle touch ?
I believe it's a combination of them all
So whatever happens this time,
Please, don't make me take another fall !

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Soldier's Last Note


We had won. After all the years of fighting, all the death and despair, we had finally won. I thought that now that the world had found peace I would find it too. But I didn't. I now live in a world that has no place for conflict or killing; no place for me. I was born in war, raised by Death. I am a soldier and that's all I've ever known; all I ever will know. So I will end the way I began and take one last life. The world is better without men like me.

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Alone With The Lungs Of Winter

Alone with the drums of thunder


Rain's little hands knocking upon the glass


In the silence


The sound reveals a face


As lightning stitches the sky


Alone with the dark


Pressed all around


Like wonderful friend


With stale air to sing


Spun new with golden sheen


Alone without feeling


No care no hate


Alone with the voices


Yours and theirs


The wearied air full of song


No breath unsung


Alone with the lungs of winter

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Astral Aglow

The Art Of Sight

Light flutters from loosely hung blinds


Unworking to blind


With unearthly sun


Slither steaming upon skin


Bathing it in hot sunrisen skyline


Lighting a thousand fires


Across my naked flesh


My eyes shot with bright


And you


Lying there astral aglow 


Bringing spring


To my wintered soul

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A Friend Of A Friend Of A.....

My best friend


My mind




The pencil, the paper


A soft leaded capture


From mine to theirs


From mine to my friend's best

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