Dealing with Addiction

In the depths of shadows, where darkness clings,

A heart beats tenderly, a melody sings.

With gentle hands and words soft-spun,

We stand beside the weary one.


In the silence where pain oft resides,

A light of love, unwavering, abides.

Through turbulent storms and nights so long,

A chorus of care becomes our song.


Eyes that weep, hands that shake,

In this embrace, no soul will break.

With every step, a promise made,

In the garden of hope, no leaf will fade.


Though paths may twist, and fears may rise,

Underneath the same vast skies,

A love unyielding, pure and strong,

Guides the lost where they belong.


For in the struggle, beauty grows,

In the darkest night, compassion glows.

Together we mend, together we heal,

In the bond of care, our spirits seal.


So let us walk, hand in hand,

Across this ever-shifting sand.

With love and grace, we pave the way,

Dealing with addiction, come what may.

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Another Night Alone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Songs that inspired me to write this song:
1) "Stand by U" - Tohoshinki

2) "The Best Mistake I've Ever Made" - Joanna Wang

3) "Take Me Home" - Oceanlane

4) "I Won't Spend Another Night Alone" - The Ataris