Simple Thoughts


tragedy can be, 

with repeating sounds of words, 

or screams and cries;


pain is a universal language.

Everyone knows it, 

this I believe. 



even then, there's plenty

of discontent for which has and has not

been felt, 

as though suffering is to be measured.


I've seen it, you have, too, 

the pain of the neighborhood, 

tires slashed throughout, 

just another siren,



at my end of the city. 

Such a pity, and then

the loud clash


of the car crash, 

one having smashed into the other,

and in this moment of pain, 

this tragedy,


comes unity, 


The unprovoked question

of the desire of assistance,


the rush to the scene 

seen by me

of the people who live on this block, 

calming the sobbing mother,


bringing the young ones out from the cold, 

the old man sweeping the broken glass,

no police having arrived yet.

Yet, nothing but pain


bringing us together, 

celebrating that everyone is okay.


Silver lining, 

pain unites,

every little thing

is going to be all right,


the radio said so."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I recently was invited to be part of my local Lululemons UNTITEd States campaign, and I had such a blast. This is my poem for the them "unity", aptly named.

Pure Aftermath

Unique Poems

My lyrics is da statement // yeah the beat is the bomb // so let's start a war babygirl & show this word some harm // like chewbacka on Ramadan packing bombs in carry ons // I'm here to send a message that grows quicker then hairy arms // & spreads faster then napalms // as u begin to listen you start to gasp out carbon bombs // saying peace to all the haters wa alaykum musalaam // you don't need to let the world fuck you over no more // take control of your life & be gone with that whore // no more slitin wrist no more crying at night // no more anger build ups // no more starting a fight // I'm trying let you see that the darkness is yet so bright // people of all color & race let's all unite // let's impact this planet like a meteorite // let's show this universe why we're born to live long // in peace & in gratitude let's all become strong // cause no more do I wanna hear the question " dam do I belong ?"


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