Tonight im taking the time to listen.

you see due to my daddy issues its hard for me to trust God.

So now I listen.

I listen to my heart cry out for help.

I lsten to religon but then listen gto God for help.

I listen for answers to prayers God knows.


listen listen


It's hard but I am listening.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

needing to let go and vent

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I thought I could count my sins on one hand,

telling God I'm getting better, but I'm coogi sweater chilling in someone daughter bed. "Wake up shes here" shit, she pulling on my leg. When she want it, she need it, fuck it, we all greedy, her girlfriend dont even fuck her mind, and she love me because I always keep her wondering how. She never leaves my side because she know it's Bonnie and Clyde, I'm always down to ride. I'm getting better, I tell myself, God you sent me between them, I'm there to help. She texting me she want me, I'm trying not to want her too. But I hear her say it as I read it and I know it's true. And I want her to touch me in a way she's never even touched herself. Her mind melting in-between my legs, no consciousness but all head. When she done ill pick her head up by her chin.. 'I'm getting better'. And she'll kiss me cause she knows its true. She know I'm better right here and she is too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks Geesus

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Lo que no se cuenta



Un aplauso a
Todo eso que vive
Entre, tu mente y tu boca, y 
Que nunca llega a salir
Esos momentos tuyos
Que tuyos se han de quedar
Hasta dejar de existir

Eso que habita la mente en forma de recuerdo,
De furtivos momentos escondidos en la normalidad
Detrás de un "nada" hay toda una vida en un instante
Un instante de vida oculta y presa
Entre tu memoria y tu boca


Author's Notes/Comments: 

There will be a full translation of this poem, just be patient plis :) ly

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Zero to 500 instantly 

The immediate urge to both stay and flea
A crawling sensation creeping from the heart to all parts of me. 
A dire feeling of urgency 
A screaming of insecurity 
Too much false comfort and nurturing
Ignorance of reality. 
I want to run and I want to stay 
Bundled up in covers of dependency 
A sickness keeps burning holes in me
And I am slowly forgetting how to breathe. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written after waking up in a state of anxiety related to love and human relationships. 


He did not talk about his feelings

instead…he hid them all away

and when she pleaded with him to talk to her

“It’s not what I do!” he’d say.


“But that is what lovers do!”

“They talk to one another.” she would say.

Yet, he would never listen…

til one day…

she went away.


Leaving him to ponder

as he sits alone today…

why the ones who are closest to us


should not be kept farthest away.

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I Want It

My Exotica

I want you on my insides, 

like when its raining outside and cars collide;

like laying in bed but our hips are tied;

like when your proping my legs up over your shoulder and your tongue slide.

Can you go deeper?

Tell me if my thoughts are too wild.

Would you put me to sleep boo?

Wondering if you liking this ride...

Til' you flip me over to my side and my legs divide

have me shaking and coming all over like im on some type of oxide...

or you lean upward and me crisscrossing you like im locked style

damn is the sex mild

hell naw, cause the sex wild

and i know that everytime you hitting my spot, i get loud

You see that effect... A Hard Smile. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Special Surprise

My Exotica

Lips piercing up against my neck, 

these sounds I'm trying to suppress.

He say, "I'm about to take you through this parsec,"

said " I need you to talk less"

"But your making my hair a mess"

"Your hair is not something to obsess"

Damn he make my pussy wet, 

if I must confess

I'm liking this compress

liking how he talking

and liking that aggress.

I tell him give me a sec.

so i can get undress...

little do I know, it's power he possess.

"May I intervene?"

he likes pulling all my strings

make me bend my knees, see he kinda a tease

so I'm bending over to the back, so he can eat my french cousine

I mean eat my chinese.

making me say please.

Maybe cross my T's

dot my I's

I swear you got me warm on the inside

letting lose like I ain't got no insides

"I told you tonight you was going to get that special surprise"



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem i wrote after i spent some time with my best friend. He always make me feel like this and what better way to express how im feeling rather than writing it . Please be adviced Adult Content.........

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I noticed them from across the way…

her tears first catching my attention

and I wondered…was she sad or stressed or angry 

or filled with apprehension?


I saw her lips move but I could not hear her words 

as she laid her head upon his shoulder.

He said nothing, he let her cry…

all he did was hold her.


Again her lips moved as she turned her head 

and she looked into his eyes

He kissed her forehead, rubbed her arm…and listened to her cries…


I don’t know what she was telling him…

about her anger or her fears…

but he did not speak, he only listened…

then gently wiped her tears.


In a few minutes it was over…

she gave him an embrace.

She sat up a little taller 

and a smile crossed her face.


Again I saw her lips move, and again 

she laid her head upon his shoulder…

And again he said not one word…

all he did was hold her…


And I wondered as I watched them from afar…

As the few remaining tears on her cheeks seemed to glisten…

Perhaps sometimes people don’t need answers to their problems…


Perhaps they just want us to listen…

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Longing for You

Verse 1:

Though, I long for you,

I cannot be with you.

Our paths are entwined.

If they ever cross,

Know that you are my destiny.

Fate only lets us meet

One another in this world.



I'll be your memory.

Let it enfold you.

Let it live on.

Don't you forget about me.

'Cause it's a beautiful life

That we have got to live for.


Verse 2:

I see your smile.

I hold back the tears

FRom the day I lost you.

Memories etch at my heartstrings.

But I know that it's over for us.



If you can take me on,

I'll be your everything.

It's a beautiful life that we've got.

I thank God for

Sending you to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About love and relationships...