You Contained the Universe

Your soft lips

Kiss my skin

Like a flower kissing the cool summer breeze

And it is so warm

And so cold

So soft

But so dangerous

Like a lion

You were bold

And unpredictable

Every movement

Was a mystery

But you were comfortable

And gentle

Like a mother bear

Protecting her own

And your freedom was so intoxicating 

Like a hulk soaring through the open sky

Leaving trails of adventure in the air

And experience

You were wise

Like an owl looking into the starry night sky

Your eyes could be seen from miles away

Like headlights in a dark night

You gave light to everyone’s path

You were the most magnificent kind of person

Because you

You contained the universe  

Winters Love

My Everything

Lights twinkle 

Hearts beat

Rosy cheeks

Bright eyes

Tongue sweet

Blanket keep

Two bodies

Night skies 

Another Night Alone

Verse 1:
I won't spend another night alone.

If it's not you no one else can do.

'Cause we belong together,

You're my shooting star.



 All this time, I spent with you:
These memories will never die out.

'Cause I know you by heart,

Wherever you will go, I'll follow you.


 Verse 2:

Now, the time has come for me

To put myself into your hands.

'Cause you gotta know: We belong to each other.

Our hearts are continuously set in the afterglow.



If you and me, if there's a possibility

Of beconing one with you,

Let loose and come unto me tonight.

Fall apart or hold on tight.



Every time the phone rings,

I expect it to be you.

I spend each daily liviing like this.

Won't you take me home tonight?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Songs that inspired me to write this song:
1) "Stand by U" - Tohoshinki

2) "The Best Mistake I've Ever Made" - Joanna Wang

3) "Take Me Home" - Oceanlane

4) "I Won't Spend Another Night Alone" - The Ataris