*You Are My Fire*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

You are my fire
You are my joy
You are my only desire
But why do you play me like as your toy 

I'm a person not a medal to show around
I have feelings too
At first I thought it was love i found
But all this time i should of knew

Now I know
Now my feet are on the ground
The way you made me feel I'll show
This time you'll be wearing the frown
You'll be the one to cry
I'll be the one to wear the crown
And you'll be the one who'll want to die


You are my fire 
I trusted in you 
But you are just a lier
Stupid of me to think your heart was true
Now i'm going to be higher
And you'll be down and blue


You hurt my heart 
When you dissed me for your friend 
You said nothing can take us apart
I guess that was all pretend 
You really never loved me from the start
I guess I can say we're over this is the end 


You are no longer my fire my love
You are no longer sweet
You weren't the one God sent from above
This stupid game you play I will beat


You are no longer my desire my dear
You are no longer innocent
What has come true is your biggest fear
I realized to be we are not meant
And through your heart is a spear
And my love this time I haven't sent



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