Riding Out the Storm

When lady luck has turned her back on you,

And nothing seems to work, choose what you do,

You still keep on believing things will change.

You know deep down your goals are within range.

   You find a way of riding out the storm.

When all your plans go tumbling down the stairs,

And God, it seems, does not answer your prayers,

You don't give up. You fight and carry on.

Your instincts say the battle can be won.

   You steel yourself for riding out the storm.  

We all face trouble sometime in our life, 

When dark days bring adversity and strife.

But you can bear the burden and the pain,

And surely you'll see brighter days again.

   Just hold on tight. You're riding out the storm.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2018

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In times of trial and tribulation we often find strength we never knew we had.

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Old Man

The driver at the traffic light is waiting for a change.

The new kid on the block is feeling kind of strange.

The sacrificial lamb still doesn't know its fate.

   An old man sits thinking he's probably too late.

The clock in the hallway struggles to keep time.

The poet in his study is searching for a rhyme.

The oak tree in the meadow is reaching for the sun.

   An old man now ponders and thinks his race is run.

The blackbird on the fence is happy just to sing.

The goldfish in the bowl knows barely anything.

The youth who once was lost has somehow found his way.

   An old man sits alone, with nothing left to say.

The jury can't decide what verdict it should reach.

The speaker is confused as he bumbles with his speech.

The king has lost his crown, and thinks of what he had.

   An old man remembers when he was once a lad.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2015


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Road Musician

He's an aging road musician,
Still playing his guitar;
His fingers gnarled and stiffened.
Too late to be a star.

He's restless and he's rootless;
He'll never settle down.
The road goes on forever,
From town to dreary town.

He sleeps in cheap motel rooms,
And eats his meals alone.
It's been that way for years now,
And time has simply flown.

He's had his share of romance,
But that's all in the past.
He rarely thinks about it;
Love wasn't meant to last.

He doesn't write new songs now;
He sticks with what he's got.
Resigned to where fate led him —
Accepting of his lot.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2020

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Birdsong hit the morning air

As sunrise kissed the sky.

Lingering stars reduced their glare

And softly said goodbye.

Wispy clouds turned red and gold,

While trees stretched out and yawned.

Rabbits scampered by the fold;

Another day had dawned.

Another day in which to toil,

Or dream, or make ends meet.

The farmer on his own good soil;

The beggar in the street.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2015

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The Man named Jack who may just be damned

I can’t stop dreaming about your eyes

i want them to be my eyes

i can’t stop staring at your mouth cause I want it on my other set of lips. I can’t help but want to wrap my legs around you

the arousal you cause in me with your mere existence some days makes me feel like I’m going insane. I’m not going to lie. We wouldn’t work if we weren’t both a little crazy. So fuck me like the crazy bitch I know you can be . Cause baby oh baby I don’t want to be your child, I gots my own, I got me and I’m here to get you under me on top of me don’t matter how bring that booty of yours over here. Shame you ever have to sit on it but don’t worry I’ve got an idea we can just set you groin in my mouth mmmm the settle flavors drive me wild. So baby tackle me cause you already got me Locked down show me something new take me on a new adventure I trust you to keep me safe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Take a guess see if you can make sense out of it welcome to my mind

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Forever In Love With The Soul-Mate

I found my soul in hers and that face, I saw,
Some full-day beauty of the mother-in-law
Herself from her light is firing glory;
Body and shadow, and heart, from Mamelodi,
I find my feet and hers, the same walk and track
On fate pathway, and such, can I hold it back?
Such things are there in stone, carved and sealed
Once but in time; one day to be revealed.
Such means our hearts and parents hearts
Pulsed to some centre meeting than depart
From day today where I, the open door,
Of life and death, reached to, unstrutted floor,
Of me and her. May angels sweep the way
And love of God unshade my days, unshade her days!

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Karma Comedian

I use to laugh at ironic things
No punishment for the bad deeds
The Bible says that good 10 fold 
The universe returns to us in gold 
That fairytales and nursery rhymes 
Exist to scare and keep us in line
But on this day fate stepped in 
And karma it seems is a comedian 
A lesson weaved throughout every line
Carefully crafted as a warning sign
It was a day like any other 
As usual jumped in the shower 
Quickly washed and rinsed my hair
Noticed too late that it was NAIR!
Every luscious lock and strand
Fell out completely in my hand
What seems like a sick joke being played
Or demented parts a malicious prank
A plot unfolded my part the lead
The lines straight from a horror scene 
Like laws of nature or earths gravity 
The rules we bend to suit our need
Like a boomerang’s invisible path 
It seems to follow when it comes back 
Even the ocean and it’s changing tides
Needs the moon’s persuasive side
We are the keepers of what we seek
And what we sow we indeed will reap
The nightmare that we fear the most
Comes back to haunt us like a ghost
Like Peter Pan and Captain Hook
Just a good story in a children’s book
what if the earth gets bored of us
And decides that we are entertainment 
those characters we read as kids
Like Pinocchio or the 3 little pigs 
Sleeping beauty or the ogre Shrek 
You thought was funny as a sketch 
Brought to life would pose a threat 
Although to you this seems far fetched
The truth Ive written has not been stretched 
I hope you read this and know as fact
What you put out there will soon come back

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Humanity's Fire

Long ago man started a fire,

it was small, tiny, on the brink,

but it kept burning, smoldering,

until it found new sources to grow.


It grew slowly, consuming more,

exponentially larger, grander,

man marveled at its creation,

that could destroy so much. 


It begins to consume man,

and man begins to fight it,

Frantically, full of panic, 

piling water onto it.


But so many men love the fire,

they deny its hand in consuming others,

that it is a myth so others will smother out

their greatest invention that gives them so much




For those who can direct the fire care not,

whether it consumes an ant or an aunt,

because it gives them control over all,

those who fight it are condemned.


The condemned have outgrown the not,

but fire is a mighty foe that has grown vast,

it unlocks now for itself more raw material,

the extinction of many species trivialized. 


Mass extinction by fire. 


Will the new stewards halt the progress?

Or is too much consumed that now

the smoke and soot will bury them?

Slowly, the condemned become the saviors. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A quick write. It's a bit on the nose but whatever. 

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brief glance

He is Walking the street

London before but nowhere to go

A city to hide in but nowhere to be

A quick glance to change my world

Standing in summer the shade

Shadows covering her angelic face

His smile spreads at her elegant grace

She smiles in return it halts his pace

He stumble’s he stops he stammers

His heart sure to burst in fear and desire

His mind screams to walk, No run away

But wait!

His feet reject his minds command,

Carrying him through his fear to her

His brain is frozen, thoughts a jumble

His lips move, asking her name

He is stunned as she replies

Her accent thick and sultry

He speaks a reply words unbidden

She blushes prettily, and apologises

He stop’s stunned why are you sorry? Asks he

heart slows expecting the inevitable rejection,

Can you speak more slowly comes her sultry reply

She haltingly says, My English is not so good

His heart leaps and again his mouth moves

Words spilling out in a yammering mess

He is jabber at her happily, but not realising

Her English is better than his Russian

He is a fool talking to fast brain to slow to realise it

But wait she isn’t walking away, she is smiling

She looks up at him hair resting lightly upon her shoulders

A face Beautiful and luscious

Her face slightly lowered her eyes raised

Slightly obscured but all the more stunning for it

It happens so fast, He forgets to blink

He asks  if she has a number, she does! (yippee).

His hands are shaking, blood pumping

It must be obvious how nervous I he is

Incredibly she doesn’t seem to notice or care

He loves her all the more for it

He steps away promising to call,

She remains with angelic grace

His steps now as light as air,


A moment eyes connected

A heartbeat to fall in love

A life time to regret

A wasted opportunity of eternal love

A friendship that will last an age if nothing less

He remembers, she remembers

Irina my little pigeon in denim

Always missed, always wanted

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