*Something's Missing From My Life*

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Feeling empty and lost deep inside me 
My heart sad and alone 
This feeling I cant set free
My heart feels like stone 
Something's missing from my life 

My heart is heavy and is broken down 
Smile has lost its way to my face 
It's turned into a frown 
Felt out of place at a slower pace 
Something's missing from my life 

Joy has run away 
Love escaped 
heartache took its place 
My feelings scraped
Something's missing from my life another day 


These clouds hanging over my head 
Following me around 
Even above my bed 
It's always raining in my space 
Finally something perfect I found
So delicate so precious as lace
There's something missing from my life


I've tried and tried for so long
To ignore the facts
But this feeling can't be wrong 
It's piling up into stacks 
But there is nothing i can do 
Something's missing from my life babi


That one thing that's been missing
I thought it through and through 
And sweety I know now all along it's been you 


I was always meant to be your lady
From beginning to end 
It's you I'll love 
You'll always be more then a friend
Forever until my life is finished and done 
Now nothing is missing from my life 



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