*I Need You*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

There is a freedom in your arms 
That carries me through 
Your love, Your kisses, Your charm 
I need you

To take away the pain 
When I'm down 
To take away the tears when i cry 
To take away my frown 
To help bring me up when i feel like to die

I need you 
Like the rain 
That replenishes the earth 
Like a lovers touch takes away the pain 
When the sun 
Keeps the skies above blue 
I need you 
You know how to make me smile 
You know how to have fun

I need you 
You know how to treat me 
Deep down inside i see your true 
You set my uncertainties free 
In your eyes i know this you knew

Your touch gives me strength 
And heals my broken heart 
To keep your love i'll go to any length 
Because God knows we are not meant to part


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The Frown Syndrome People

Frown Syndrome people are nothing new,
I think they've been here before me or you,
Around and around on the merry-go-round,
They frown if they're white, and they frown if they're brown.


They frown in the city, and frown in the town,

When asked to stop frowning,
They will frown at you and say,
"I'll have to stand on my head,
Because this frown won't go away."


They will frown in the morning, and they'll frown in the night,
They will frown in the darkness, and frown in the light,
Those Frown Syndrome people, can become quite a sight!
I'm beginning to think that it just is not right!


We might smile, and greet them, with gracious 'hellos',
We might bring them some presents in boxes and bows,
We might paint them a smile with pretty pink crayons,
But no matter how pretty, smiles just never stay on!


The doctor is eager to give them a pill,
But the frowning comes back when he sends them the bill,
Some say that a hug could help brighten their day,
But the Frown Syndrome people don't like hugs, they say.


I think variations in people will be,
Underneath every syndrome we'll find,
If we look with our hearts beauty's easy to see,
What we miss when just using our mind.



© 2013



Author's Notes/Comments: 

About what people just are... love them anyway.