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What I want you to know about me...

I've two books of poetry:
~ "All the Best Poets Sit in the Smoking Section" (2003)
~ "Visions of a Cheeseburger Goddess" (2004)
When I first joined PostPoems in 2000 I went by the username "Poetryguy". Some of you old timers might remember me by that name.
I've found many a muse but would like nothing more than to find a primary muse to adore who would inspire more poetry.
In case you didn't catch on from my poetry, I'm pretty kinky! Like as in BDSM kinky. I identify as a Daddy Dom. I am known as "DaddyO" in those circles so you may see some of my poems utilizing that pseudonym.
I'm also very musical. Not all of my poems rhyme. But a good majority of them do. I'm inspired most by musical lyricists, not traditional poets. Some of my poems are rewritten lyrics to songs I enjoy. If a song I've written is a reworking of an original song I will certainly reference the original songwriter. If it is also a parody I will use the pseudonym Rex Songs (which coincidentally is also my karaoke name!)
I like watching sports on television and keeping up with the stats for my fantasy sports leagues.
I enjoy listening and researching music. I love making themed Spotify playlists. I even own my own online CD store.
I dig movies, especially documentaries and quirky indie films. I wrote a screenplay even!
I get thrills thrift store shopping too, finding rare items to resell online or searching out darling outfits for my many muses or favorite fetish models of mine.
I sing karaoke, though not too sure you would say "very well." I have been told I have a "stage presence" and like to find songs that don't stretch my limited vocal range.
I like the fine arts and I feel art of every kind demands respect and preservation. Art ain't worth shit unless it's provocative.
I list photography as a hobby too, and have done my share of erotic work. I am certainly very much an amateur, but I like to think some of my work is sensual, entertaining and thought provoking.
I like dancing but get frustrated with anything with too many moves, so the only dancing you might find me doing is a slow dance or the country waltz or two-step.
Live theater is engaging, and frankly I don't attend plays as often as I would like. I'd love to be an actor but my memorization skills are horrid.
Comedy clubs always make me giggle. Indeed some of my most admired people on the planet are comedians!
In addition to poetry writing and word play of all sorts (both reading, writing and performing) I also spend a lot of time sharing my beliefs on social networking sites through memes and blogs.
I am an unapologetic anti-theist skeptic who toiled in the confines of organized fundamentalist Christianity for the first 10 years of my adult life.
Despite being a writer I'm not much of a reader. My Attention Deficit Disorder means anything longer than a magazine article is quite challenging for me.

About My Navel

I would rather tell you about my lack of uvula than my navel!

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

People who have influenced my thoughts and writing:
Samantha Bee
Harry Belafonte
Charles Bukowski
George Carlin
Stephen Colbert
Larry Flynt
Peter Himmelman
Joan Jett
Rupi Kaur
John Lennon
Philip Lynott
Bill Maher
Peter McWilliams
Seth Meyers
Ogden Nash
Larry Norman
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Neil Peart
Bernie Sanders
Bree Sharp
Sarah Silverman
Jon Stewart
Pat Tillman
...and countless women I have loved
"All of my heroes are misunderstood."


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