"Summer Cotton Dress"

by Jeph Johnson

awareness amplifies yet reason is muddled when surveying the physical charms residing underneath a yellow 

summer cotton dress

wondering what legs and arms with taut tendons teach when shimmying and crippling one's just out of reach sinewed mystique

galloping bosoms may lurch forward a tad enabling a vague vestige of nipple to search for an eyeful of power

yes, awareness amplifies when physical charms coalesce underneath a yellow 

summer cotton dress

psyche creates a carnal impulse to fondle fleshy folds of fascination found inside frictionous fantasies 

so when offered a girl to touch with purpose one is instead resigned to yearning a tiptoe dancer twirling and hugging a dear life stripper pole

for proof tonight's goal is to snap an "up in your face" cellphone selfie with permission from the bouncer of course

the unadmired and aloof conquistador persona doesn't apply despite the envy of conquering by force an archetype that relinquishes nothing true destiny provides

rejection incubates an ugly embryo of misogyny if things are not just so

so the easy for most solution becomes a task tantamount to impossible:

unnegotiated enthusiastic consent

so until winter again comes 'round romance hides underneath a brown 

summer cotton dress 



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