political correctness

in the garden, in the nighttime (with Old English, Dutch, and Germanic influence)

in the garden, in the nighttime

(formerly 'slipping away in the garden in the nighttime', with Old English, Dutch, and Germanic influence)

the leaves play their roles

they change colors, giving shade,

raindrops—welled up tears

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This haiku was primarily composed as a personal note to my most recent subjective study material (micro-phenomenology).  I thought, first & foremost, why or how come it had that particular significance in me (at least for me). As far as that realization was thought to be consisting revelatory moments,  a denouement if you will, these have aided me (in my self-directed learning the importance/relevance of intersubjectivity, interrelatedness, & multiperspectivity as it relate to/in relation to philosophy, phenomenology, —mostly in semiotics/semantics/linguistics—of which are already specified in the past Author's Notes/Comments).


In addition, etymological definitions (with relative value to myself) basically were included below.  These are the linguistic influences of another language before being used in these particular ways.  Please note that this is just to help educate myself on these subjects & so, thought to be, help expand my learning objectives, which was why they've been given emphases):




Leaves pl./leaf sing. :



1.  Old English lēaf, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch loof and German Laub


Leave (another sense, as in the verb) :



2. Old English lēaf 'permission'; related to LIEF and LOVE


3.  Old English.. (this last one entry was not included; it had seemed to have a far different sense & meaning, so it had not been thought to be iterated; and apart from this reason, however, I could not find a special character from my mobile device to input "læfan" like how it appears from the built-in definition & its meaning to especially/specially denote that here correctly)





by Jeph Johnson 


People who espouse political correctness and decry allowing humor about it are the same people claiming that there are no moral absolutes. The hypocrisy surrounding this then becomes fodder for better sarcasm.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Politically Correct Christmas

There is a Jesus fetus
And condoms on my tree,
Because today is Christmas--
And Christmas is PC.


My Santa is a lesbian,
Her skin is dark as night--
She came along with tranny Claus
With clitoral delight.


She promised free abortions,
Free tests for HIV,
While spreading guacamole
On my GBLT.


I thought I was in heaven,
I thought I was in hell,
When I heard Santa moaning
Hoe-moe with anal bells.


For Christmas is for giving
Your lover in the rear--
So rejoice my little ones
And spread the Christmas queer.


         December 25, 2013

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Where Are We Really Headed?

Where are we really headed--
Divisiveness and hate?
Or some Orwellian classroom
That's sponsored by Bill Gates?
The cults of 1960s,
More drugs, more love and wars?--
Where are we really headed?
What are we living for?
A multicultural prison,
Where everyone's the same,
Where we are merely pieces
In politicians' games?
Where are we really headed?--
A heat wave or more cold--
And will there be more rebels
Turned cynics when they're old?
Where are we really headed?
A workers' paradise--
Where fellow PC comrades
Spew forth the party lines?
Or is it Armageddon
That we're waiting for?--
Forget your student loans
And knock on heaven's door?
Where are we really headed?
World government and porn,
Where we don't need both parents
In order to be born?
Where we can be repaired
With spare body parts,
Where urine and manure
Are still considered art?
Where are we really headed?
I really want to know--
Where are we really headed?
Will we evolve and grow
Beyond black, white and yellow,
Red, brown, blue and green--
Or will we still be worshipping
Some stars in magazines?
Where are we really headed?
Just open the door--
Forget your education
And learn to live
Once more.


September 2, 2013

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my ode to principle, inspired by yesterdays cross BA court case

current affairs

Injustice or political correctness

Either makes no sense

One is not right at all

The others not common sense


Whos politics are correct?

The ones in the correctness

A body, personal politic

A structure or straight jacket


Wearing a cross maybe

Or refusal of your duty

Both a matter of principle

In your head or visible


Whatever the reason why

Controller wont let u fly

Principles are OK but

You choose your own luck


When u give your time

to your defending actions

this system all of the time

Especially if no satisfaction


One thing, think carefully

You need it for yourself

Be careful with your energy

Dont use it to defend


Your principles; portable walls

Prevent you walking tall

Funny thing, think you are

Principled, a higher bar


Dont think, feel your way

Your principles are given to you

Makes for brighter days

Do you have any clue?

You have formed every part of you

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