Summer is a verb


Summer is a verb.

I can learn it like it’s a language and I want to see the world.

There’s a whole family I haven’t met that knows it inside out.

Let me in, show me a new heaven.


Summer is a verb.

I can write it like it’s a type of walk and I want to go the farthest.

How have we not found all the ways to travel?

I can connect here and home in a million different ways.

If I try all of them maybe I’ll find you on the way to finding myself.


Summer is a verb.

I can play it like it’s a blank page and I want to learn the concerts.

Let me find light in the pen marks, numbers,

spread out the universe in the music.


Summer is a verb.

I can feel it leaving like a sun-soaked cloud

and my skin shivers when it’s gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/30/20

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