Wats wrong

I feel something new up in my bones,

Some new heat between my toes,

My pubic hair has grown in,

My baby hair has grown thin,

My Steven Tyler chick says she don’t love me,

Say my balls don’t swing past her knees,

She say my hands hold too much heat,

And my locs have too much soul in between,

My, my, my, ego be, patron(-n)izing,

Gangstaraptalk gives me the freedom that I need,

When she grab herself, look me in the eyes and say she not horny for me,

Im stuck in a rut,

My wool feels like satin when she lay with me,

He lays his head on my soul while he bathes in heat,

My hands cover their bodies, give them instant ecstasy,

Giving them vibes they never felt before,

While my energy is getting drained,

People emptying their souls to me,

I wonder if they do it knowingly,

Do they feel me grounding their energy under their feet,

Do they feel a sense of healing after talking to me,

I am creating new bible verses,

Telling everyone the truth is in their veins,

Creating super-duper villians,

Now I can go insane,

I miss my daughter,

Now I can go insane,

I see her face when I close my eyes,

Now I can go insane,

When I was lost in the desert,

I saw a knife in my back,

Now im having flashbacks,

And now I don’t recognize myself,

Who is this person crying out for help,

Im on my knees now,

God please don’t turn me to salt for looking back,

''Wats wrong, wats wrong'',

When I sit and think, 

I cant feel my feet,

Im floating on a nimbus,

And wishing you were me,

And that I was you,

Wat is wrong? Wat is wrong?

I know the truth.

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On the consequence

of space, time, and chemistry:

I'm glad there is you

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deep \ inspace

deep \ inspace
Old man &/ withered
@in the center a
suspended by nothing
stormy &/ coldstone / Morpheus
deepempty \ inspace a
Old man sleeping
&: the movement
of molecules
is his @in a
deepemptydream \ inspace

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The Formless Son

Star Crusher Prime

It no longer has a true form;

the original was absorbed by the hatred

that became the imprisoned soul,

The child locked in the depths of sorrow

and chained to the walls of darkness.

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Star Child

Are you a star child? 

 Can you make the flowers bloom 
with a wave of your hand?
Do diamonds wonder what it would be like
 to be you?
Do your words linger long
 like waves, 
made to lap the beaches velvet shore
 and rock in its poetic ebb?
Does your gravity pull the 
 into the infinite orbit of your eyes; 
and when welling a tear,
could they wash away the sea?
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Starry Night

So much to fear of things unclear 
So much to understand of something so bland 
Basking in glorious divinity 
Something potentially reaching infinity 
looking into the past 
Where the brightest died last 
So enjoy the sight 
Of this clear and Starry Night


 How unfortunate you are, my dear,

So far, so alone.

Does the darkness consume you?

Does it make you it's own?


We live and we die,

But yours is the most beautiful of deaths.

The whole galaxy envied you you,

It saw your potential, even in death.


You graffitied the facade of black in soliloquy,

Oh how beautifully you vandalised the night.

It was never the blackness that consumed you,

Darkness is but an absence of light.


But you still insist that it consumed you,

It shadowed your beauty, your song-

Then tell me why it is that I hear music,

From your death, your inaudible song?

To Become

Society's filled so dark
A sickness fit to last
A hasty hungry shark
A one that bites the glass

The air turns a poison mist
and the grass turns to a distant waste
A glare becomes a fist
and then a flower becomes erased

Brain Cylinders

Cthulhu Mythos

The Mi-Go cut out the brain,

But you won't go insane.

They insert it into a cylinder,

Keeping the brain conscious.


See, hear, and speak

By means of electrodes

Connected with machines

Simulating human senses.


Preserving brains, being deathless;

Conveying them through space

Bodies didn't had the way

Too frail to survive the journey.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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