In the beginning


They went away and never returned;
now no evidence of them exist, except the seed they left behind;
an offspring that doesn't believe in them,
that has over a million years, forgotten its own beginning.

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The Gods Of Man

They didn't come here on purpose, they didn't come for our salvation or our destruction.
There was no divine plan; no grand intervention.
When they came, they were just as lost in the void as we were;
floating around in the vacuum like a speck out in an ocean of of nothingness;
searching, hoping, and praying to their gods something would be just over the horizon.
Two alien worlds met that year; we were changed forever.

The end of worlds

The border between the realms has fallen; the spiral vortex grows in the heavens, now the sky has become dark, the earth has fallen into trance; no power under the void exists, which can stand before the astral vaccume. It has come; the heavens are devoured; the face of the end we now see. Our time has ended.

The Child Beyond The Stars

The madness of man will increase 100 fold;
into the chaotic and savage void, the souls of this realm will be devoured,
leaving behind, a mindless animal to tear itself apart,
as the shadow of the darkness beyond darkness will cover the face of the earth.
The window of time and space, opened by those who worship the child from beyond the stars,
will come on the dawn of the age of transference.


I'm mesmerized by this malicious monster. I return
To stare where the
Stars disappear and
try not to lose my mind.
Growing gravity as I
Draw nearer, I suspect
The weight of insanity
Will grow.

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Our eyes when we meet open
another Space outside space
another Time outside of time—the Day

has become an immense transparency
of blue Sky and emerald Blossoms:
the original Garden.

Out of the tides of Morn, you are born
like Venus before my eyes,

your voice--

a gathering of waters that give shape
to the World. As the day enwraps our bodies
in a garment of Delight, our lips together come

to consecrate the Day.

Earth as a Star in Another's Sky

Alas! What can I do but keep reading?
To be known among men?
Hark! What a folly!
Cosmic significance is a goal yet unobtainable.
When shall a means reveal itself?
Our futile searching is but a quest
where the objective is known
and therefore as diminutive
as our thoughts.
To work unconsciously in harmony
doth construct
a grand château,
whose apex breeches
atmospheric boundaries
and leads the way
to a vast space with
the occasional point,
perchance bearing other beings.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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Obligate Me

Gravity is sick of me -
I feel a sudden lift.
In spite of it I scan the crowds,
the skies, the winding valleys:
there is nothing to be found.
So I continue upwards.
The air begins to thin,
the clouds all dip to bathe me,
and every star will shimmer.
There is no God to greet.
Below my feet will dangle,
above the darks enclose,
and all the while I contemplate
how someone here could obligate
me to touch the ground.
Drowning in our pointlessness,
sterilized and wound
about the rims of feeble pikes,
laid to bed my narrows,
now risen as my arms.
As the void envelopes me,
as the cold devours;
I'll speak aloud to no one.
My words will have no meaning,
and they will make no sound.

Birds of Dimension

Tarot the sparrow
did spill out her guts
and as we were watching
she lapped them back up,

This anatomical marvel
is rather amazing,
We'll dissect and inspect
this flying abrasion,

Fly her back
to the fourth dimension
to be at home among
other bird's ascension,

To cage this creation
would surely be a sin,
and absolutely
The last crime of men

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