How unfortunate you are, my dear,

So far, so alone.

Does the darkness consume you?

Does it make you it's own?


We live and we die,

But yours is the most beautiful of deaths.

The whole galaxy envied you you,

It saw your potential, even in death.


You graffitied the facade of black in soliloquy,

Oh how beautifully you vandalised the night.

It was never the blackness that consumed you,

Darkness is but an absence of light.


But you still insist that it consumed you,

It shadowed your beauty, your song-

Then tell me why it is that I hear music,

From your death, your inaudible song?

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When we show

 our interest in the fantastic astronomical

and the  divergence of infinity

we delight and enlighten the audience with the goal of arriving at particular, temporal and cultural relativity

It is here that  metaphors of universe meets the world of poetry that frequently appear within the ideas of humanity

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"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot