The Answer to the Only Question That Truly Matters

At night, I stumble from my car to the house

Stumbling, tripping, shuffling my feet

I’m not drunk. It’s not dark

I’m starkly sober and it is bright

I’m looking up. Who could look elsewhere?

The source of the brightness in the night

The sea that we swim in

The galaxy opens up and swallows me

I want to be nowhere else

And yet I’m already there

We all are

Spaceship earth, interstellar travel to nowhere in a seemingly endless orbit

Cycling a star that will one day consume us

All of that space, all of that wondrous possibility

My mind aches just thinking of it

I cannot comprehend although I try

Awe and loneliness

Could it really be only us?

I feel cheated and so should you

Our deaths will rob us of the answer

To the only question that truly matters



Could it really be only us?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the first thing I've written in a very long time. I can never get my head out of the stars and I am forever trying to articulate the tightness I get in my chest when I feel that I'll never know what's out there. I want to write more, I wrote this very quickly. I just need somewhere to start so hit me with some critique! 

Before the Verse


In a place where no one lives and nobody dies

A world where nothing's born and non survive
The silence is an echo and everything's a dream
Breaking and colliding like brain waves in a stream
Where dimensions don't matter and solar winds won't burn
And black and white's a mystery and the colour won't return
And memories are moments that fold upon themselves
Repeating and rewinding in incandescent swells
The future lies behind me, the past a winding road
Curling into avenues that spiral and explode 
Their fire creates a furnace, their ashes turn to ice
Crystallising molecules that shatter split and splice
They cut into the darkness to create open space
Forming holes that hunger, that eat up and erase
The nothing that surrounds us and pulls us into strings
Collapsing under pressure, compacting everything
The catalyst is time, it sparks up every sun
Spreading radiation like a sub atomic bomb
It hurls out information that gathers into stars
Some form tiny planets composed from tiny shards
Smothered by the gasses left over from the bang
Orbiting with giants through time scales that span
A billion generations that will never comprehend
The gravity of whence they came or how the whole thing ends.
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To Watch The Time

To watch the time


During these hours I am alive.

I feel and love,

Most notably the lack, and with that hunger, thirst.


For I know not what is my hope.

I know not It nor the absence of knowing it.

One might say I face a grimmer fate...


To not know anything at all.

But this crimson destiny is nothing short of an adventure!

Yes, and what I face, I will face with a shining smile of optimism.


Let it be shrouded in misty darkness,

Or be blanketed by the blinding lights of the morning sun,

But I will face whatever fate come fort.


And to these lonely moments,

That come to me in wait,

And with their presence mock,


I bid to them a word or two,

For it is they that keep me sane,

Enough at least to walk as if I were.






Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Invincible Mimes





Filed away in poem and prose,

So many things that no one knows,

The poetess and poet's rhyme,

Changing and turning the hands of time,

If our friend Thoreau had ever known,

He might have not shared his very own.


07/14/2013 ©



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Your White Room

Foetus-like you lay:

Your face exposed,


Its skin taut,

Mouth agape,


Your breathing


The clock's ticking,

A tiny knife

Its second hand


Slicing you,

Slicing your mind

Into distant pieces;

A White sheet covers you


Its window staring out

Into silent cloud,

All outside in

Day's oblivion;

A White cup beside you

Sinks into wall;

Your clothes,

White shirt,

Blue trousers,

Black shoes,



Silverwatch and ring, 



Carers turn you

Over and over,

Your face changes

Over and over

Into different ones,

None are your's,

None are you;

Now you're hidden

Inside me,

A ghost of all you were;

While your bed creaks

The reaper's creeping.



meteor showers


when i am with
you, every breath is
like a vacation
to another exotic place,
every smile makes
my heart dance ,
every kiss reminds
me of the infinity
i saw in your eyes
on the day we met.


the memories slip
into my days and nights
like the spaces between
the stars and planets
gently cradling time,
and when we are

together, the earth

seems to move
as we unfold and

arrange this universe

that has grown to

become us.





5:12 AM 5/9/2013 ©

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Humanity Is...

...the bridge of a soul from what is,
to what is not, and from what is not,
to what might, can, or should, be.


it is a turn of events in the schism
that shrouds the evolution of
the universe in it's momentum
to be empowered or to wither in
time and space, it is an immeasurable force,
both minescule, and prodigious,
and incapable of comprehending itself
in it's relation to the infinty
that holds it's ongoing
destiny...or not.


it is untold potentiality that
manifests itself through the
guidance of all that is,
and queries that surround
existence...or not,
are the pivotal levers that
hold the breath of the universe
in the interims, gently teetering
upon the fulcrums that
balance the stars and planets.


every new question, thought, awareness,
of every human, anywhere upon the earth,
and every spark of emotion or emergence of enlightenment
contributes to expansion or contraction of all that is...
...and all that is not.


and so to ask the question
of 'to be, or not to be?'
is really just a waste of time
as we know it... oxymoron, maybe,

and yet, all questions

refer back to it.




4:18 PM 5/4/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Incarnation of man.

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"Eyes Like Space"

My footprints stretch for miles, expanding soundless through the night,

Sunrays dousing moonbeams with a blinding morning light.

A sunrise like chrome needles climbs over Martian mountains,

Clouds of sulphur yellow become acidic liquid fountains.


I stare into canals, their blues like crystal beads,

This dawn projecting warmth through this desert canyon's bleeds.

The wind begins to rush, brushing dust against my suit,

I feel the fibers rustle, the aesthetics absolute.


I've become accustomed to the silence, the muteness of this planet,

Smitten to the waters that resemble liquid granite.

My visor absorbs atmospheric radiation, 

With eyes like space I stare at the horizon's conflagration.


The sun begins to set, streaking orange across the sky, 

I patiently greet the moonbeams, beckoning they come nigh.

I reflect the double moonlight, a mirror for its gleam,

I watch the mountains and rivers sleep, a quiet, electric dream.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Continuation of "Stranger in a Strange Land."

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Untold Story

Nature / Folder 1

And on the
eighth day,
the entity
known as
God emerged.

The slumber
from deep within
the universe came
to pass, and beheld
unto time came
what was.

Gazing at the
girdled in all
by the blue
planet and
it's struggle
for evolution.

And in that
wielded all
space and time,
and all
angels, stars,
and planet gods
and goddesses
came forth to
look upon
the blue

for never before
had they been
witness to

Such exquisite
beauty and
gifted into
life, hurling
regard to

in cohesion
with what
they saw,
a strange
and eerie
sense of
rapture ensued.

And balance
was sought,
as the blue
floated to
it's destiny.

Time and space
went on,
and stars
and planets
and all was,
is, as it
ever shall be
to infinity
and beyond.

So mote
it be.

Copyright 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about what we are doing to Mother Earth.

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