On the consequence

of space, time, and chemistry:

I'm glad there is you

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You Can Look At Me

You can look at me if

you want to.

I know you're worried

he'll notice.

It's not something to

feel guilt over.

You are lovely.

You are smart.

You are acute.

I was writing yesterday

and i thought of you.

Such a pleasant surprise.

I wouldn't treat you like

he does.

My love is worn and hesitant.

He adores you.

So why?

Why are you staring at me?

Those marvelous rain drops

in the center of your eyes.

So innocent, so pure.

He doesn't scare me.

He is a good man

but not a strong one.

I'm afraid because you aren't.

Don't you know about boys like me?

We love vile women.

The smell of vodka on their lips,

A cigarette's stench as we rip off their clothes.

We are strangers to love.

You can look at me.

But I will never look back

The way you do.

You're entireness can't be mimicked.

I can't pretend to be anything more

Than a broken soul,

But you can look at me.

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The Harder We Love

you are my purpose. my light gravitates to yours.
you and i entwined in passion's embrace erasing our past mistakes.
it feels good to hurt this way. i ache when you're away.
your kisses hold the cure. your touch purifies my soul.
together we achieve nirvana on an earthly plane.
light fills our empty spaces and the dark shadows are chased away.
there's power in our love. we've only scratched the surface.
the closer we become the deeper we trust. the harder we love!

you are my heart. my being vibrates with joy when you are near.
you and i talking about the day chases our blues away.
it amazes me how well we are in tune. i compliment you.
your energy energizes my lethargic ways.
together the world cannot help but bow to our demands.
love overcomes the most hateful of souls and we gain control.
there's no shame in our emotions. we show them proudly, like a badge of honor.
the more we proclaim our love for each other the deeper we care. the harder we love!

you are my need. my happiness depends on yours.
you and i laughing at nothing satisfies me.
it feels like the first time every time we touch.
your desire for me jolted me out of my misery. you awakened me.
together we ignite each other's fires.
luck brought us together and we've never looked back.
there's magic in our chemistry. time can't destroy us.
the faster we explore each other the deeper we become inside the other. the harder we love!