"Stranger in a Strange Land"

I walk the red sand, my destination unknown, 
I pause in the double moonlight, my shadows, alone. 
A stranger in a strange land, I'm tired, misguided. 
A world made of fire, torches, ignited. 
A planet burned red by an oxide diffusion, 
Echoes of silence solidify my exclusion. 
Left in my ship, memories of home,  
I wander this landscape, made of oxidized stone. 
The double moon reflects off my carbonite visor, 
I'm a czar of this stillness, a tyrant, a Kaiser. 
Footprints collecting, horizons void of light, 
I disappear in this planet's crystalized night. 

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Starving for closure, choked by the rope of regret


laying drenched in hopeless tears, & fear is a blanket over us.

I feel like there is a rope around my stomach,

wrapping around my esophagus,

all the way up into my throat..

it tightens without warning.


sometimes I can't remember who I am..

spitting up blood. can't stand...

on my knees, looking up to you.. 

why did you turn & walk away..?

guess I wasn't thinking ahead far enough..

lost love, tough luck.


if I had a cut for each time I regret not giving more then I felt I could..

these sheets would be completely stained red.. 

but I guess we all screwed up.

over time, i'll be able to cut the line... 

i'll be able to tie together the ends of these loose knots..

closure will come to me, whether awake or asleep.. 

it will crawl down my throat, & rip out that fucking rope!


no more blood, just bile..

the impurities enter & leave as I encounter endless trials..

vortex of hesitation, it never pulls you in, but continues to drain you of all it can..

spinning around in the middle of no where,

no gravity, no constriction..

maybe this is why i'm choking & crying out for oxygen..

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There is another side to you,
And you are the other side.

Always something you can't see,
But know it's there, when you see me.

Reflections of each other's faces,
Filling in our empty spaces.

Sun and stars we orbit 'round,
We only think we live on ground.

Underneath cascading skies,
One day we'll untie all these lies.

Until then let's waste some time,
Since there is space for us to rhyme.


© 2013

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Our good boy caught an eyeful of

the nearest fellow hovel out

beyond parameters we've set

for anything besides machines.


A blip on peripheral ring;

a half-baked possibility,
now noted for future science

to observe, if they are able.


And that's about all that I know.

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Meteor Shower

If the possibility of calling you mine

were riding on a shooting star,

I'd shower in meteors. 





The most Ancient Gods,

Prototypes of all the Gods,

Worshiped before humanity;

And all came from one source.


The source is called Mlandoth,

All Gods are manifestations of Him.

Ngyr-Khorath, the mad and monstrous thing

Whom haunts this region of space

Before the solar system was formed,

Is a local eddy of Mlandoth's Race.


Yidhra, who was born with the life of Earth

Intertwining with all Earthly life-forms,

Teaches reverence for Mlandoth.

Before death was born, She was born;

For untold ages there was life without death,

Life without birth, life unchanging.

But at last death came; birth came;

Life became mortal and mutable,

And thereafter fathers died,

Sons were born, and never the same.


The slime became the worm

And the worm the serpent,

The serpent the yeti of the mountains

And the yeti became man.


Only She escaped death,

Escaped birth.

But She could not escape change,

For all things will change;

The trees of the North must shed their leaves.

She learned to devour the mortal creatures;

From their seed to change Herself,

And to be as all mortal things,

Living forever without birth, without death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the Cthulhu Mythos Goddess Yidhra.

An Outer Constant


So spake the celestial outlier


in booming and gravitational tones:


Hearken, for I am your only crier;


these are abrasions I have seen and grown!”


What connotations were lost in its haste


to expel its wisdom, we cannot know -


our understanding lacks and in its place:


the ravings of men and their telescopes.


Were it not a voice, but a membrane shook,


hemorrhaging its contents down towards none


and laying its claw to draw in and hook,


anchored by mass at behest of dead suns;


we'd seek to prod its infinite bubble


with mechanical detritus that strays


long after the passing of our Hubble,


while its insight that's accrued shall remain.


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my ode entitled multiverse


Multiverse, amazing space

Spec of dust

Human race

Magellanic clouds

Amazing energy

Created you, me

Increasing endlesssly


Big bang designed

Creation in mind

Perpetual energies

Sustaining electricity

We are electric too

I use mine

Do you?


Dust, explosions

Perpetual motion

Operates everything

Ever changing

Cosmic bretheren

Beautiful; heaven

No hell too

You are living truth

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(Stunted) Countdown

When stirred by the alarm:
a cryptic warning of the
pathological stowaway,
the single denizen rose in fright
and broke the orbit of his satellite.

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