Thoughts On Natural Solitude

As I walk through forests

Dark and deep

I notice the song therein

Birds in their nests

Joyously welcoming their newborns

Foxes padding quietly to their dens

Squirrels barking and playing like children


I often stop and fall silent

Away from the illusion

Of control and importance

We create in our world


Here, I belong

Here, I'm not all-important

There is a peacefulness

That creeps into my soul

And douses the painful fires

Of self that I let burn hot


Walking through the trees

Listening to the softly falling rain

Just to live, to Be

Not as nature's conqueror

But as a spectator in a beautiful world

To stand alone in silence

To contemplate, I AM

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Peacefl Write

Thanks for the share - the calm - allets -




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Perhaps towards the end of 2017

Perhaps towards the end of 2017 "Natural Solitude" is hard to come by my friend. What with smartphones, laptops, palmtops, gadgets et al we are tied down. I personally love natural solitude switching off all gadgets much to the chagrin of my peers. Best wishes & Happy Thanksgiving



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That's beautiful...

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Life truly is, if we only

Life truly is, if we only have the patience to slow down and admire it.

Post Tenebras Spero Lucem

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Sure is nice to take the time to do so. 


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