Even When It's Not Christmas


I will not tell you

what I want to

in this world

Talking like that is

laying myself


such a steep hill

to start


When the words

open with a question

you can watch me



I don’t ask,

just wait,

maybe wanting

will make truth


but sometimes

when the wind blows

when the leaves fall

when the snow sticks

I don’t need questions or answers

when I’m this close to you


I could fall down at your door

I think I’d end up with

too many bruises

but I wouldn’t mind

as long as I can paint them on your wall

so your story knows

I was here


Sometimes that

silent crash

breaks the glass

around the world


The rustles say I’m a mess

but I’m a mess with you

under these Christmas lights


My heart is made of

answers that won’t break

The next time

it’s a dragon-cold night

I don’t have to tell you what I want

but I will still whisper it to the window

the fog will find your hands

and they will be around me

just when I need


and then the ground thaws

and you’re still here


you can’t know

how much that means

to me


Even when it’s not Christmas

I know there is someone

who loves me

I hope I can be that


for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/18/17

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error... error... does not compute christmas

Error..error.. happy Christmas?.. does not Compute…

By jfarrell


(happy xmas, seasons greetings to all)


The time for cheer…

The time for goodwill and happiness to all people…

A time for miracles?…



Xmas is a time for families;

Xmas is a time for friends;


….…error!.. alert!…. error……. error…….. does not compute…… error…



Sorry, my bad, I forgot….

Just said ‘goodbye’ to my only friends…

And as for family…..

My sister DID phone me….

This year…..


When I started writing poetry…

And it upset her…

Stuff she’s already got over (?)

I bringing it all up again…



….Alert!… warning… programming malfunction….



The birth of Jesus…

The birth of Salvation…


….alert! Alert! Malfunction! Alert!…



….(…. feeling a big kick up it’s ass…

The slug climbs up….

Into light, out of the ear lobe….


And heads for water…..


The biggest mass of moisture…

In the universe….

Jim’s gob!…..


With all the survival instincts of a dying virus…

Slug jumps and head dives into Jim’s gob…



Good sir, please, what is today?

Why, it’s Christmas Day, sir….

Oh! Bless you, holy devout sire…

… I nearly missed it…



I’ve lived and relived my christmasses past..

And my last….

Never noticed em like the 30 before

Drunk from my birthday and slept through them…..




Choking and gagging…

Slug dives….

… and explodes…

…in a multitude of poisons…


“Here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun….

“Should old acquaintance be for got….?


Emergency reboot!…..


Tick, whirrr, tick, tick, sludge…….dead!




….whirrrr…tick… whir….



…black screen….


[ Start up protocols….

[press 1….

[press 2 …

[press…. ]






…. So here it is…






Author's Notes/Comments: 

merry xmas all

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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

By jfarrell


Happy Christmas to you all.

What does Christmas mean to you?


A red suited gentleman and his menagerie

Breaking into your home and eating all your mince pies?

A tinseled christmas tree

With a golden, silver-winged angel sat atop?

Sat around the dining table,

With several generations of your family?

Pulling crackers, carving and sharing the turkey;

Too much food and playing charades after dinner?

A baby born into poverty many years ago,

To grow, to be crucified for us?

Awake all night, too excited to sleep….

If I stay awake, even just one eye… I might see santa…


Whatever Christmas means to you…

The very merriest of Christmas’s and may the next year be your best yet.


And if, like me, you’re alone…

Or worse…

Sleeping on the streets…

And where-ever’s worse than that…..


Don’t give up!

You’re not alone, however much you feel you are.

Christmas is the time for miracles…

Don’t give up!


Happy christmas to you all and the best year ever!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a very very merry Christmas to everyone, and may this coming year be your best yet, in every way ;-)

Damn Christmas Bills

My wife makes me put up 3000 Christmas lights at our place.

We have the only house that can be seen from outer space.

When I get my electric bill, I always cuss and holler.

Those damn lights cost me over five hundred dollars.

My wife calls her relatives and they are all long-distance calls.

She doesn't phone just one or two relatives, she phones them all.

My wife sends expensive gifts to her relatives.

I'd like to shoot the person who said it's better to give.

My mother-in-law will get a Rolex watch.

But all that I'll get is a damn pair of socks.

I have to spend a lot of money at Christmas, it's pitiful how much I lose.

If you don't have to spend money at Christmas, I want to be in your shoes .


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a poem for christmas 2017


Greetings people how do?
Yet another poem to you
To wish you compliments of the season
Even though Christmas roots are pagan


Hope you and your families are good?
And all is quiet in your neighbourhoods
and may Christmastime bring
you lots of positive things
Been late writing this year
Mums been in hospital; not severe
At 90 she cant breathe well
Not lucky enough to live near chalice well
Avalon does energize
If she lived there; longer life


Still Christmastime is a time of birth
Festive energy and making mirth
On this not its exciting times
Not at all 'the end of times'


Its more of a new beginning
As the light finally starts winning
Cos Jesus has come back to sort
The world out: Superior court


In the digital age, easy to do
Save the feet of a wandering Jew
Hes come again to make a statement
and to throw a spanner in the matrix
But he's also come as a minority too
weed out the bigots; spiritual breakthrough
But back to his day, may it be good
And shine light on all of your brood
big midwinter love from the UK
exporting love cos that kills all hate
and much love from me
Daz the Druid aka ziggy

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Oh, Holy Sausage Roll

Oh, Holy Sausage Roll

By jfarrell


(“who should be more offended; Christians, Muslims or vegetarians?” James O’Brien, LBC presenter)


I can imagine Jesus, Mohammed and Jaweh

All wetting themselves laughing to this;

Passing round a cheese pasty;

Jesus laughing so much, he snorts his coffee up his nose.


“It’s blasphemy, I’m boycotting Gregg’s”;

And the ones who say….

“they wouldn’t take the mick out of Islam, like they do Christianity”;

You really want Christians beheading sausage rolls?


Forgiveness is what is supposed to make your beliefs different;

Turning the other cheek, joining in and having a laugh;

Please guys, it’s not the messiah, it’s a sausage roll;

Get upset about something important.


All that good energy, gone to waste,

Complaining about a pasty;

It’s madness.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

blessed sausage roll, forgive us our sins; like too much cake and sherry this xams :-)

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What Christmas really means!

       What Christmas really means

Christmas used to mean something but that didn't really last

People now a days have forgotten it's true meaning and quite fast

Christmas isn't about presents, food, or even fancy scenes

One special gift lying in a manger that's what Christmas really means

It isn't about how many things you can get under the tree

Or that perfect ham that youve been glazing I hope you will agree

Christmas means so much more then those decorated evergreens

It means there's Hope for all the world cuz that's what Christmas really means

And when Jesus came to us that night even though he was quite small

It means that for us to go to in heaven he had to make that Call

Christmas means a while lot more then most people know or so it seams

So remember on this joyous day what Christmas really means


         Zoey cup

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one cuz some have forgotten what Christmas is about it's not about what you can give someone or what you can get it's not about presents or that big meal you've prepared it's about good will toward all mankind and helping your fellow man and family getting togethe!!! I hope you like it

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"Christmas Confusion"

by Jeph Johnson

I wonder if I'm in her thoughts as I wander through this cold.

She's not in my arms this silent night and it's starting to get old.

'Twas the holy night before, meeting smile after smile after smile.

The wonders of her love, (like ghosts of lovers past) stockpiled.

Now it's beginning to look a lot like she doesn't care at all.

Do you hear? What I hear is like talking to a wall!

And the angels I have heard must be high on too much breathing.

It's the most wonderful time of a year in which she's leaving

I need a little more of her right this very minute.

I take back the love I have because she's no longer in it

Go tell it on the mountain right against the forest fence.

The midnight clear up on the housetop ain't coincidence.

She's all I want to lay to rest when the silent stars go by.

I've got no love to keep me warm. Baby, it's cold inside.

The stars in the sky looked down where we laid.

Over the hills and everywhere and mocked our masquerade.

The hopes and fears of all my tears in merry measure shed

Not joyful, yet triumphant, depression rears it's ugly head.

Into this winter wonderland; twelve days of ice and snow

Roasting on an open fire...Who wouldn't go?

What child is this in which I cannot speak her name

Who decks my halls with silver bells, discomfort and shame?

No creature was stirring, no hallelujah seemed right.

And Heaven and nature stopped singing too...To all a good night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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