The Odyssey


Every tear I cried helped you sail farther away

Every breath I sighed filled your wings to fly

You mastered the wind and waves to leave me

You cried as the storms only pushed you along


And then You, that magnetizing, gravitating whirlpool

Leading men down to watery graves

Pulling the breath from many men's lips

And crushing them in your depths


It was difficult for me to lose you

I heard your siren's call

But I stuffed my ears and tied myself up

I knew you had nothing but death


Lastly to you, I won't say that there isn't beauty in your suffering

Only that those of us who can see it are pretty messed up

Trying desperately to find a silver lining in a thundercloud

A refreshing sea-breeze in a hurricane


Like the aurora borealis

Or the spritely fox-fire

You're a natural mystery

Filled with hidden meanings


My muses

My fates

My inspirations

I gave you all my everything

And you each of you left me wanting

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On Tour

Touring empty halls,

Thirst for the darkness.

The deadness staling my heart;

I have no tears to weep.

My gutted head is putting me so far away.

To keep safe from your toxins.

The poison deep, the medicine awakening.


On the hours, I need you; I was left with sour sorrow.

Borrowing from the night, I begged you for light.

Now, I am in flight.

I seen righteous, to find it within the self.

From you, I escape your tightening grip.


I tour these blank spaces,

I thirst for my Earthly medicines 

My fight mode easing to allow me to rest.

I have bleed the best for you.

I have no tears left to cry.


I place all my might,

To keep us at a distance.

I burn the warm, all the pain.

I burn as my spirit rises from the cold ashes.


My eyes are dry from sorrow.

With boldness, I stand from our fall.


Broken wings like a fragmented plate.

Shattered heart, banding rings to contain the chaos.

In the gathering flames,  I rise with no tears to cry.

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Tears Always Dries

Poor Me

Bitter words are so many
They've never grew fond of ones emotions
Their roots grows stronger every time they bloom
Such they became one of the famous theme in the society
Sadness crawls to every corner of my bed as i try to deny my feelings
Tears withdrawn from my eyes all lost to my pillow
Gone are the one i failed to love
And here lies the pain I can't defeat.

13 October 2018

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If the clouds cannot hold the rain, how you suppose an eye can hold all such tears.

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I Should Know Better

Experienced well in pain,

of every known form,

For me this is nothing,

but my seemingly, 'norm'.


My heart is a punching bag,

battered and bruised.

Neglected, discarded,

tossed aside...and used.


Why am I an easy target,

of other people's abuse?

Am I marked for my life,

Is my hoping, of no use?


I open myself up and take,

these constant, hurtful attacks.

But then they are always shocked,

when finally, I fight back.


Why am I so vulnerable,

and not worthy of affection?

Why am I the hapless victim, 

of this hurt and rejection?


I should know so much better,

been through it, many times before.

I'm my own worst, foolish enemy,

sticking around life, for yet more.


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Cold Embrace

Filled with despair
“I'll meet you there”
Said to the phone
My heartbeat drones
To meet your love
And all thereof
To act, to show
So that they'll know
That we've moved on
(Our shared con)
All eyes assume
Within the room
But I just can't face
Your cold embrace
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Mists of Time

Light and Dark

“I had a child just like you”

She said to me that day

Waiting in the hospital

On my knees to pray

She didn't know who I was

Her mind just couldn't see

That I knew who she talked about

The child was truly me.


We'd had this converse once before

And many before that

The degradation of her mind

Was obvious, as she sat

And prattled on about her son

How happy he will be

With her family when she comes home

And I had to agree


She never found her memories

Or recognized my face

After everything she went through

She's in a better place

Where memories last forever

And can't be lost to time

Where human bodies don't break down

Always in their prime


Many years have come and gone

I can't recall them all

It's not like I haven't tried

But the thoughts just have a pall

I try to stare back to the past

Peer directly through the grime

Just like a fog covered my eyes

It's hard to see through mists of time

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I'm afraid

I'm afraid
Of losing
Of being a disappointment
So I never try
I'm afraid
Of being a nuisance
Of being betrayed
So I never get close
I'm afraid
Of being alone
Of my emotions
So I close myself off
I'm afraid
Of myself
I'm so very afraid

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's not good but I just need to write something before I explode, might delete it later

It's not beautiful.




Sadness isn’t pretty
Tears aren’t like rain.
They’re horrible and ugly,
harsh and full of pain.
Don’t glorify feeling empty
don’t romanticize feeling alone
because I’m not feeling beautiful
I’m sorry when I have to moan.
Don’t you realize my chest is tight?
Don’t you realize I’m crying inside?
Don’t you realize that while I laugh and joke
really I’m terrified?

Don’t you realize it’s not all an act?
 because you don’t take note of the fact
that sadness isn’t pretty like we portray it to be.
It hurts, and I think it’s killing me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

:( Can people stop this please? It's not helpful, and means people get the wrong idea about mental health problems. They think it's beautiful. Well, it's not beautiful. 

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Lying Shadow

Fall into my arms 

My deepest love 

I will tell you soft lies 

You will me in disguise 


I am in your head

You will believe me instead 

I will tell you your lies 

You will see me only in diguise


I am in your soul 

No part of you 

is in control

I will tell you lies 

You will see me only ever in disguise 


You are lost in confusion

You can't handle emotion

I will tell you lies 

You will never believe otherwise 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments and helpful critques are welcome. Laughing

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