We are alone.

We come alone and go alone;

Friends, Family, the challenges that we meet,

Obstacles that we encountered,

Solitary Journey that we walked on,

Are only steps towards death.

Suffering individuals will not dissappear.

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter,

They keep cycling like a machine

Just like we move on our lives in cold, hot, and rain.

We are alone.

Flowers bloom and die;

People born and die.

Bees come to flowers and eat their precious,

People come to us and eat our precious;

We are alone.

Never trust and give your life to other

Because nobody will

To you. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just came up with this idea after looking out the window from my room, doing HW. That time, the sky looks very lonely filled with dark clouds, moving slowly. 

a world full of sadness

a world full of saddness 2015




what if there was no sadness or no more fear what then would we feel


to live with out depression or pain would be like a dream that felt so unreal


what then would we do if there was happiness in the world where we live


would others be loving and more inclined to smile and be willing to give


what if the world was made up of the good and have none of the bad


would the world be too boring or would there be no fun to be had


what would it be like to live with out fear to live with out the mess


that comes with a war that we didnt want and to live with out sadness


to live with the peace we all truely deserve would that be to much to ask


or live with out poverty and sickness or to live with out hiding behing a mask


i believe we would combust if the world wasnt mad or terribly sad


we would probably die of bordom from the same old emothions we all had


but what if we all try a little harder to be positive more or less


and then maybe we could live with out a world full of sadness




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this one has been on my mind a lot i hope you like it



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The Joker

She smiles when there is no reason to

During serious conversations arbiratiry thoughts force her to grin

It disturbs some and is the reason for shouting and misplaced sessions of anger from most

Her mind wanders while she's focused and she accomplishes less but realizes more


She smiles when there is no reason to

The world is churning mass of self inflicted wounds and the desire for progress both at the behest and detriment of others

The news has become a cycle of psychopathic people trying to outdo each other while perpetuating a cycle of violence

She focuses on her family and friends so she smiles


She smiles when there is no reason to

She does not enjoy the company of too many people

The constant noise in parties continuously grates in her mind and gives her dehabilitating headaches

She prefer reading,studying, music which impacts meaninful emotions or passes along a poignant message

She has few friends and yet  does not identify  herself as accountable, far from dependable and in a state between fear of letting people down and a need for companionship


She smiles when she has no reason to

She does this because smiles attract people and the most terrifying sound she has ever heard was the sound of silence

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{The Willow}


The weeping willow cries for you

Until winter sucks up its breath 
Coming anew is a thorn 
The willow provides shelter
With curiosity of the thoughts below
But cannot hear 
You're beckoning the same melody 
As up above 
If two beings feel pain 
Does it make a sound?
Time replaces all losses
Soon they'll both be at times end 
The clock stopped
Or rather skipped 
The unfortunate end to this tale
Sympathy grew old early 
and passed 
Along with guilt
and remorse 
Providing no new seed 
For the loam below 
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Knight in Tin Foil Armor

I can't trust a single one of you.
Calling yourselves "knights in shining armor";

Planning to play me for the fool.

Show me your charms, your wits;

Strength to boot.

Sweep me off my feet;



But, I am no damsel in distress;

My friend.

I can see right through you;

Thin shards of tin foil, feather away.

There goes your ruse, your cheap display.


You aren't a knight at all.

Just a meek sheep, in wolves clothes.

You have been exposed;

How will the tin foil protect you against from the sting & pain of a real steel blade?
Only a real knight would know.
I have yet to meet one.
Of mice & men, I meet the mice.
& sure, they're nice.
But, what's "nice" do when you need someone to save you?


I save myself

& the men too.

& they wonder why I don't want to stay...

I'm not the damsel in distress;

I'm a strong woman, in a dress.

A pure heroine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


My Flame


My Brokenness hurts in new ways in each season of my life
Some more painful to go through than others
Sometimes you're not the only one affected either
His Truth remains the same,
His fire burns; His Flame.
In the rest of His arms my soul seeks,
Yet my sin and body meek, 
To the one who destroys,
and employs destruction,
The magnet to my heart so sweet,
Yet my falls induction. 
A spiral I see but to the Lord He smiles for He knows the blows only brings me closer; His trials
In the hope I see, an end to the trend of my slippery slope,
Yet that end isn't near but I can hear, what is that?
Ah yes, His truth remains the same, His fire burns; his flame. 
The Lord accepts me in my failures, the precepts He gives He tailors, 
For me. 
I see it, but still fail, 
I hit the trail and run. I try and catch up to You but still I stumble, I mumble, I groan, my feet fail me
It's time to give up. I give up. I give up
I trust in You, but still I try to live up, drink from Your cup I try. I try, I try, 
Yet I still die, and why?
Ah yes, don't forget! His truth remains the same. His fire burns; His flame! 
But Lord it hurts, it's painful, I don't like it but I need it. 
I love it, but I hate it. 
It's growing on me now, I see it.
Oh lord how beautiful You are, 
And how I thought you were so far, but no! 
You're right here, You've always been here! 
What's this? You're handing me a mirror so that I can see myself? 
But Lord, let me just gaze upon You,
Let me see you just for another se- wha', where's my filth? 
I'm white as snow.. Wait God, where did you go? I need You! 
[God] " Son, don't be afraid for I am here with you.
 Remember, my Truth remains the same, 
my Holy Fire burns, it is My Flame! 
It destroys you, yet frees you.
Though your feet may fail you,
My love never fails
I took the sin of the world and put it upon my Son as a sacrifice,
The only thing that would suffice
He paid the highest price.
He died and rose again,
Now you are made clean in my sight, 
My love for you, made complete." 
God, I praise you,
I give you my everything 
May my life represent the goodness of your love in my life.
May my lips sing of your praises forever and ever. AMEN! 
Entering this rest....Was this life a test?
A blessing, that will have me forever confessing the goodness of my Lord,
My Savior, my King, my Father, my Sword.
I am His son, for whom He loves and will never be forgotten.
He is here with me.
His Fire burns bright, and His Flame sustains me, from within me. 
Thank you, Lord. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in the midst of my complete brokenness dealing with a struggle of mine. It shown my struggle of going back and forth and then the way it's written shows the anxiety and distraction i have during it. also, at the end is the hope in which I can gaze upon God freed of my pain and basking in His beauty, changed all throughout because of it. 

The Aftermath

The Love


I'm in his arms and I think of your touch

The one on my leg in the car during rush

Hour traffic goes by, and you're not by my side,

I'm left here begging and pleading the tide

To wash you back to shore, to be forevermore

To be with me in this life once more

But I know moving on is what's expected

I know what we had never resurrected

And this fucking tragedy has me crawling

In ways so cryptic, it's  appalling...

I'm in his arms, and I think of you

He's no lover in the way we loved smooth

Rough and competitive, he leaves me on my toes

When with you, we always knew what each other knows.

And starting over was never in the plan.

Starting over was not supposed to happen.

And what of us?

What are we to do?

I crave you... I still crave you,

You told me goodbye... not see you again soon.

What am I to do?

He can never hold me the way you do. 

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Some Cavern

This place is full of downers
Sad, smelly, flimsy frowners.
Tell me something, and tell it true,
Is it not as hard for me, as it is for you?
Depression, compression
Man it stings!
It crumbles, it dries,
And other things.
How are you and we to be all downers?
Man, wasting all these hours.
Can't we stop and smell the flowers?
Shut our mouths or reach from our ugly bowers?
I'm thinking maybe I should leave this place,
And this grey, and lost, and raggedy race.
Find some other place, to replace.
Then who would be a nutcase?
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The Love

Those times you used to say

It'll be alright, it'll be okay

And youd make it so I was fine

But now it seems you have no time


To watch and see that I am there

Safe and sound, I'm happy here

But now I guess I've become a chore

Something handled no more.


What happened to the long nights wishing

That I was in your arms and you were kissing

My on the cold winter nights

Before anything could corrupt our delight


What happened to that forever smile

Something you gave me so lonh awhile

That made me feel full of life

Now it seems your smile's a knife.


I feel torn... like you've lost your love

And you're only doing the routine enough

To get by another day not alone

While I'm miles away crying at home.