The Day My Heart Died


With this letter I say goodbye,

As the daylight fades to night,

Tears roll down my cheeks,

Pen trembles in my hand,

My lungs gasping for air,

The monsters under my bed,

The voices in my head,

Hypnotised by the shiny metal,

I feel numb and dead inside,

Totally zombified but without purpose,

Lies and lies that have been said,

Pumped full of chaos,

Traumatised by the outside,

For as long as I can remember,

I have wanted to die,

Feeding off my broken heart and mind,

Despair swirld round like smoke,

Emptiness becoming normal,

Fill my veins with formaldehyde,

The day has finally come,

The day my heart died.

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A heart-stirring and

A heart-stirring and courageously honest expression that tells me you are worthy. The heart is stronger than we give it credit for, and I say this with well over 60 years of "dying" and living to see another day. There's no shame in sinking to the lowest valley, as long as we remember the mountain is still there. The view's a little foggy, but it's still there. Yes, it's work, but you're valuable and you're worth it, and you're pretty good with words as well. Keep writing.