Ignorance in the Sky

Oh, dear,

Firefly, firefly,

Against the midnight sky

Please tell me how, and tell me why

Does the sweet, sad wind so mournfully sigh?

Please tell me how, and tell me why

The clouds just hang and cry?

Quick, firefly fly...


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My Love

I'm not who you think I am
I'm not unbreakable
I'm not bulletproof
I still feel pain
Everyone calls me a hero
A savoir
But I think there's only one savoir myself
I've never thought of myself as important
I'm just doing what's right
I get a lot of prestige from that
A lot of things I've never asked for
But I'll give it all away in an instant
If you want me to
I know everyone needs saving sometimes
Even you
I've seen you cry
I've seen your pain
I've seen your darkness
Deep within
I can save you
I can be your hero
To spirit you away
If you just let me
If you trust me
And you can save me
Because you're my hero too

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Dead bees can fly

Oh why, oh why
Temptation led you astray
And caused your sad, sad death today
Drowned, why could the sweetness not be dry?

Saved, but too late
My soul cries as it waves goodbye
Left in the sun to dry
You, who have met with fate,

Seconds, minutes, hours go by
But all in vain
As there is nothing left to gain
Your life has gone and I cry

Oh why, oh why
Did temptation lead you astray?

My eyes gaze down at your lifeless body
But Wait! You are gone
Has your body turned into honey?
What have you done?

You’re alive, you’re alive!
There you are, fluttering away
And all I did was pray

Written by Dlr

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It’s strange that I don’t know who you are, I feel as if I did once, but now
you’re just
face in
a grey
Did I know
you? Who
are you?
I think I
know you
from some


Oh, yes. A smile, a face, a kiss. There you are. Sorry, I don’t know you
anymore. See, you left me. I'm no longer am yours. I don’t know you,
because you left.                                                          Now you’re just
somebody that I                                                              used to know.
I loved you once, but you threw my love away. I guess I wasn’t good
enough for you; did you ever love me? I don’t know, I just don’t know.



                                                                            And yet, I still remember
                                                               you as you once were.
                                     You were so beautiful, charming,
                 sweet, lovely. My eye’s never left yours.
There was no-one else in my world but you.
                Everything I did was for you, and I know I had
                                      my flaws. You were my sun by day,
                                                                 my stars by night. You
                                                                          were everything to me.


Now, I still hurt. I still remember the pain. I still feel the blow, the heartache,
the suffering.                               But do you                                know what?
I still love                                    you I forgive                          you. I want you
back in my                                  arms. I need                          you. I’ll take you
back; always.                              And I know                                you’re sorry,
but let the                                  past die. All                             I know is that

you love me                                now, and I                                love you too.

Welcome back,                          I remember                                   you now;


I love you.

I always

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally, it spells love with the words, but I guess I can't do that on here. I though I was being clever. :P


Gut wrenching, bloodcurdling,
Heart pounding, can't breathe.
A vice, it closes
Tighter, tighter
Round my
Pain, pain
Like a torch in my stomach,
A fire in my veins,
An earthquake in my chest.
Whispering, hush hush,
Don't tell her,
She's a freak,
Wailing, in my head,
Voices that tell me...
I'm better off dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thoughts/Comments appreciated.

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You ask me
"Are you Okay?"
I nod my head,
And turn Away.

For if you look,
You would see,
Tears leaking out,
Betraying me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First poem, let me know if you like. If I get enough replies, I may do another one.

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Tears In Your Hands


The tears flow each day I wake
I pray for your hands to catch these tears
You hold my tears in the palm of your hands
I dream of you, you were crucified
I hold you in my heart this morning.

I give the pain to you my Lord
Guide me in thy light today.

Help me see all things your way.

Oh you hold my tears in the palm of your hands
It's such a delight to stand where I am.

For you have lead me no matter what the world thinks
You have kept me in your ways and my thoughts are always on you.

Listen for my cry Lord, I give it all to you
My heart aches for heaven at times
One day we will see you coming in the sky

Help me stand while you catch the tears I cry.

I love you Lord

Written By Betty Bolden
Jesus Is my Joy Ministries


I've spent too many nights of too many days

Crying my eyes out and trying to pray.

And I fix my gaze on this dusty old book

Knowing not where and for what to look.

Yes, I want comfort, I need some right now,

But I’m clueless as for exactly how.

So this is my plea- I’ve sent up the white flag;

I ask you for help on what once I did brag.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's an old one..

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Combing through the Bullshit

Is this how I should feel?
No real ties.
A mess with no real path.
Is this God after a cruel laugh?
My reputation
Considered a rebel.
Did I damn myself
Make a Deal with the Devil?


Scared of whom I have become
No clue how I got here,
where it all begun?
Desperate for love,
never found it.
Bleeding out
Roll over
Drown in it.
Looking for answers
No tears left to cry
All that's left;
Spread my wings and fly.
Or do I give up?
Bleed out and die.