giving up

Dripping in Gold


I took her hand

and poured gold in her veins.

There was nothing more I could do.



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Dead Pool

Just a thought!
I siphoned off the dead pool to reveal a drowning man
He lay motionless as sediment, gunking up a perfectly good
and otherwise useable life space. Withered from time,
Wore out from the daily grind, he thought it best to just,

Throw in the towel and await the inevitable.

Exhausted from everyone Else's problems....

I threw him a shovel and wished him safe passage'

                                  "Anyone else need a hand?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Dead Pool"

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Fallen from the highest peak

Crying angel without wings

Broken dreams inside a heart

Lost to hope and lost to pride


Unforgettable deception 

Piercing rage and endless shame

Evermore afraid to stand

For behind there lies the dark.


How can I believe in will? 

How must I remember faith? 

When by aiming for success,

I call upon me its painful shadow?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I haven't given up... And I eventually got back up... Still, it's hard to shrug off the pain and the disillusion once you've failed... That's why I write this poem... Not to encourage failure but to understand it, to learn how to see beyond the pain and see what it can teach...

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To Find Myself Without Love

I smiled and let you in;

You tripped on my wires.

Explosions made you run to me closer,

Unaware I felt the tremors of every footstep that neared me,

So I sank, as you held on tightly.


My body survives, but my mind stays with the current,

Returning me to you once again;
I’m a slave to hungry love.

Following the path to where you wait for me, always,

Forgiveness comes easy;
When I found myself, you seemed so far away.


Pulling misguided arrows from my chest,

Leaving you behind as I cast my boat off to sunrise,

Rowing down to where the river meets the sky,

Gathering my wings;

Flying solo.


The sky offers no freedom,

Only tiredness and lonesome,

Clarity of thoughts beat needles into sanity.

Crashing into whirlpools, escaping into waterfalls,

Chasing thirst in the deserts of your land.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Giving up what is loved because together there can be no progress, just the same cycle on repeat

Tired by dfx

I'm tired, tired of wishing on every shooting star

Trying my best hasnt gotten me to far

Believe me, its just as tiring to have to lower the bar

Tired by day and at night I cant sleep

Too tired to tread water and I'm in this sooo deep

I'm tired of spilling my tears and my blood

I'm tired from sinking in this puddle of mud

And I'm tired of yesterday, memories haunt me still

Close my eyes to tomorrow as I slip over the hill

Tired of getting by with less then I need

Wanting to be loved is not really greed

Its not true what they say that its only women who bleed

I'm tired of trying and getting nowhere

Living without her just doesnt seem fair

I know I'm a loser but you dont have to stare

I'm just tired, and so damned uninspired

I've had enough, I'm ready to go

I'm tired of being tired

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Please Don't Go

I see pain and defeat in your eyes
You're living a life you now despise
I know you want to end your life
You want to see your husband and be his wife.

You're sick and in pain
You figure this is your only way
You say you can't take it anymore
That there is nothing left to fight for
Yet you have me,
You have our family.

Is it selfish to not want you to die?
I'll be devastated i'm not going to lie.
I want you to be happy
I hate that you're always feeling crappy.

But please think this through
Before you do something new
I know you know this is true
You have so many people who love you.

If in the end you ignore what we've said
I know there will be many tears to be shed
But give my brother a hug
Send him and Daddy my love
And when it is finally my time to stop livin'
I'll meet you all in heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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The Battle

Broken and shattered left to die on the cold floor
They fought till they couldn't take any more
Bombarding with bullets, shooting back and forth like a tug-a-war, just enough to keep death at bay
Things were never supposed to be this way
They lost their minds, what was it they were fighting for in the first place?
It turned into a competition, who would win this race?

Finally the last shot was fired
From all their fighting they grow tired
Falling face first they face defeat, too weak to stand on their blistered feet
Bleeding from open wounds their blood soaks into the barren soil
Hearts slow down and they take their last breath
surely this war was the cause of death.

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Gut wrenching, bloodcurdling,
Heart pounding, can't breathe.
A vice, it closes
Tighter, tighter
Round my
Pain, pain
Like a torch in my stomach,
A fire in my veins,
An earthquake in my chest.
Whispering, hush hush,
Don't tell her,
She's a freak,
Wailing, in my head,
Voices that tell me...
I'm better off dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thoughts/Comments appreciated.

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It's An Odd Feeling

It’s an odd feeling
The moment you know
There is no more dealing
So you just let go
Your fate has be sealed
It’s over and done
It can not be healed
It can not be won

It’s an odd feeling
But it passes you by
Your mind is still reeling
But you will no longer cry
You take a step away
Cause there’s no turning back
There is a new day
Despite all you lack

It’s an odd feeling
Walking away
You think you are healing
But there is no way
You’ll stumble and fall
Down a new rabbit hole
With no one to call
Once you’ve lost your pull

It’s an odd feeling
Once you go lose hope
As there is no more feeling
When you can no longer cope