My Love

I love you...
And I don't know what to say to you
I'm scared
I don't know what you think of me
I'm afraid of putting myself out there
To be rejected again
I may be Superman on the outside
But inside?
I'm afraid of letting you down
Of not being there for you
Of not being enough for you
Of leaving you to fight your own battles
I know you're capable
But I love fighting them with you
Of supporting you
Of loving you
And I don't know...
Maybe I feel inadequate
Like you're worth so much more than I am
I think you are
I've messed up so many times before
I don't know how to act around you
But until you tell me
I'll continue to be brave
I won't be afraid of fighting for you
I think you're worth it
I'll step out
Take a leap of faith
Because I don't want to lose you
To lose my greatest treasure and my best friend
To the unknown.
I hope you know this already
But if not here it is:
Honestly and truly,
I Love You.


My Love

I'm not who you think I am
I'm not unbreakable
I'm not bulletproof
I still feel pain
Everyone calls me a hero
A savoir
But I think there's only one savoir myself
I've never thought of myself as important
I'm just doing what's right
I get a lot of prestige from that
A lot of things I've never asked for
But I'll give it all away in an instant
If you want me to
I know everyone needs saving sometimes
Even you
I've seen you cry
I've seen your pain
I've seen your darkness
Deep within
I can save you
I can be your hero
To spirit you away
If you just let me
If you trust me
And you can save me
Because you're my hero too

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Ken Squires

Too many ideas, to few hours.
Trying not to become sour.
Cause I'm not superman.

I'm tryin to do what I can
I got a little outta hand.
I'm not superman

When it comes my time to be laid to rest.
I should hope that everyone knew I gave it my best.
But, I'm not superman... I'm not superman

I'm tryin to do what I can
I got a little outta hand.
I'm not superman

Trying to pick up the slack around the house.
But I'm trying to do it as quite as a mouse.
I'm not superman, no I'm not superman.

I'm tryin to do what I can
I got a little outta hand.
I'm not superman

- Kennie -

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a song done by @SnoopDogg & @willienelson called SuperMan

I felt that in order to try and keep things flowing I had to borrow 3 lines from it.. Otherwise people may look at it as some random poem.

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Theme Based Poems

They look up at the sky but I aim for da prize so I look down into u ; & thats wen I lose // born on separate planets but I share da same view // baby I flew so close to ur heart that I hate to see us be apart // & I kno u feel da same // becuz baby I always hear u praying // wen I'm out saving da day // I always give into faith // knowing justice will prevail & knowing ur my only female // & father said da big red planet was my source of energy but ur the main reason why I feel free // both my strength & my weakness who wud of known // da truth is out // da truth has been shown // my enemies kno so they abuse what they see // who wud of guess this thing rest inside of me // who wud of known that this love cud be da end of me // my second source of weakness // my krptinite heart // now that I kno // I have to be smart // making sure that ur fine isn't enough // becuz da next time this happens I can't take it as a bluff // everyday there's a chance for danger // so for now I have to be that stranger // I carry da world on my shoulders but always remember I will always carry u in my heart // to da day that we hear death to us part // but for now I cannot be ur man // at least until the day this world doesn't need superman.


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