Fuck you all

I'll write what I write 

IPTs got nuthin on me 

I'm OP

Nuthin but me

No books

No cds

No rips

No trips

Just verse 

Beautiful terse

Angry, loving

Sober iotas

From my own



No limits,

No quota


I am,

the source 

Referenced or ignored

No one paints me like me

No one has my colours to bleed

I cut where I cut

I pour from where i pour

May you savour and ingest 

And forever fail to manifest

What is mine alone

But gladly shared

the aspire, 

By us.

I haunt your verse

Till the end of time

Graciously accepting

The truth you cannot accept as mine

I was there at the beginning 

And I will be there till your end.

What a wonderful gift it is

To see myself 

Through your 


I live,

I spread like a healing cancer

The tension ever suspended

in doubtfull assurity of the creative spirit

That bleeds over your offerings

Some finish

Some start

I set apart

In this 


I write


got nuthin from me

I didn't already want to give

Comfort is such a boring place

Why not take from me?











Author's Notes/Comments: 

I p t

Intellectual property thieves

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Alex you showed me success.
Gave me a feeling of conquest
My name means powerful ruler.
I must confess

I almost gave up until you helped me see my mess
Thanks to Muckerman I’m blessed
Failures not an option. I must progress
Only thing I can handle is success

I’m tired of feeling depressed.
I can’t process this distress.
Is it karma that caused all this?
Like a rich man losing all his progress

Lost it all to his mistress
All because he was heartless
Less than a man.
All hope lost

Whatever the cost.
Tossed out by his wife
After all the strife. He would take his own life
With a sharp edged knife.

1709 that’s the address.
This kid is stuck in a trance
Heard Shady say he’s only got one chance
Wanting to ask this chick out to a dance

But he cant dance.
So he writes about the lost chance at a romance
Then discovers his circumstance
A talent that was a challenge

Fueled by gallons of hate. He began to create
Had to find his voice. He was too silent.
Had to become reliant and vibrant.
Stood up like a giant

He began to roar like a Lion
Run like a stallion.
Felt like an Italian
Ruthless but not an Idiot like Zack’s brother Talon

Proud and loud.
Earning a medallion.
Earning a following
An army that will be a battalion.

Making rhymes to overcome these hard times
Trying his best to avoid crime
Wanting voice lessons but he didn’t have a dime
Would he ever find himself at his prime

His head filled with a beat 7 days a week
ever since he had his head shoved into concreate
But this kid will never know or seek defeat
He got back up on his feet.

He heard Dre say: “You need to talk about the place to be
who you are, what you got, about a suck MC”
And to be discreet you’re in for a treat
That kid was me.

A delicacy but I would be in tangle
Saturday morning and I was to be strangled
I went to the fridge to get a fucking bagel
Yelled at so many angles

Still dealing with it all
She would have me take the fall
Told me to crawl.
I walked away from it all

Thank you Madison
I was fucked up but to me you were medicine
I was broken.
Saddened but you helped me without question

Fixing me was your intention
A restoration
Guided my hand. Navigation
Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t perfection.

When I’m gone I’m gone
Won’t look back what’s done is done
For those I forgot to mention. Thanks a ton

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Stolen Image


Eyes closed, daydreaming as the sun rises,
Thinking about the way i felt when my twin died.
She didnt have much to live for, but atleast she tried.
She had soo many chances at LIFE and blew them all.
Life full of opprotunities, but she was afriad to FALL.
She lashed out, acted out, FAUGHT, and rebelled.
Not knowing she was making her bed in HELL!
But she got my RESPECT because if she SHOULD fall,
She would get back up and go 10 times strong.
She was strong as an ox, BRIGHT , and wise.
But she still played those games with great despise.
With REGRETS and mistakes, VIOLENCE and BLISSFULL hate!
My heart bleeded.
Her mouth spoke but her HEART cheated.
"I loved you girl, to me you mean the WORLD, you all I LIVE for, your all I AM"
she said with a smerk.
She made me BLEED hate, my feelings now HURT.
But i replyed with STYLE and RESPECT for DISRESPECT.
"You've had your TIME, sand has all run OUT. It's time for you to GO! And i have to be the one to take you OUT!
But still she SMILED.
She made me SICK!
So i had to do it!
I grabed my gun and a box of BULLETS.
I stood right in front of her with the GUN to her FACE, in my eyes she gazed.
"So this is what it has come to? Down to the bottom? Just ME and YOU?
I said as i aimed the gun closer to her face.
"Take me out before i take you OUT!"
She demanded
I aimed the gun between her eyes ABOVE the nose my GUN right-handed.
She smiled........this EVIL smile of defeat, anger, LOVE, happiness, and DEFEAT.
She didnt think i had the HEART she took my kindness for WEAK.
I got my stance with my feet spread apart.
She had betrayed me, slanderd, vandilized, and demolished my name.
She had to go. It was time for me for ME.
The thought of her winning made me FURIOUS.
She'd thought she'd won. I aimed at her face and COCKED my gun.
She didnt smile anymore. Eyes widened as I SMERKED I pulled the trigger.
I shot until i couldn't shoot anymore.
I laughed as her body shook, trimbled, and watched the blood hit the floor.
She had stopped.
She's Gone.
She grabbed my leg with blood gushing from her mouth.
She struggled to pull me down.
But I wasnt going with her.
I couldnt fight anymore.
I didnt fight, I didnt CARE, she's NOT my real sister.
But just a figment of my IMAGINATION.
She disappeared. I reflected on my LIFE.
This girl people had known was GONE.
She's not ME anymore.
People had grown the HATE, LOVE, and ADORE,
Was not me, not the real me, But was nothing more than a reflection of my LIFE.
A reminder of what I could have BEEN.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A creative writing assignment.

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Tears In Your Hands


The tears flow each day I wake
I pray for your hands to catch these tears
You hold my tears in the palm of your hands
I dream of you, you were crucified
I hold you in my heart this morning.

I give the pain to you my Lord
Guide me in thy light today.

Help me see all things your way.

Oh you hold my tears in the palm of your hands
It's such a delight to stand where I am.

For you have lead me no matter what the world thinks
You have kept me in your ways and my thoughts are always on you.

Listen for my cry Lord, I give it all to you
My heart aches for heaven at times
One day we will see you coming in the sky

Help me stand while you catch the tears I cry.

I love you Lord

Written By Betty Bolden
Jesus Is my Joy Ministries

I Can Do It!

I can do it,
This thought can keep you fit!

When I always think I can make it big!
I don’t need to struggle hard or dig..

My thought saying I can,
Opens the depth in the opportunities van…

A person who is consistently holding onto a positive attitude,
Is the person who climbs to the highest altitude!

When you see a positive ray even in a ruffled situation,
You have the will power to face life with a strong determination,

With a positive thought power,
One can be content, even if he is placed in an experience that is sour….

Conviction within one should say” I can do it “with complete trust,
As now I fear nothing,
I am here to reach my goal, I can and I must!

Positive people have cleared the hurt and dirt from within,
Positive people with knowledge have risen!
Positive people are the ones who make an excellent Vision!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Consistent Positive Thoughts form the empowering quality in all success stories!!