It’s strange that I don’t know who you are, I feel as if I did once, but now
you’re just
face in
a grey
Did I know
you? Who
are you?
I think I
know you
from some


Oh, yes. A smile, a face, a kiss. There you are. Sorry, I don’t know you
anymore. See, you left me. I'm no longer am yours. I don’t know you,
because you left.                                                          Now you’re just
somebody that I                                                              used to know.
I loved you once, but you threw my love away. I guess I wasn’t good
enough for you; did you ever love me? I don’t know, I just don’t know.



                                                                            And yet, I still remember
                                                               you as you once were.
                                     You were so beautiful, charming,
                 sweet, lovely. My eye’s never left yours.
There was no-one else in my world but you.
                Everything I did was for you, and I know I had
                                      my flaws. You were my sun by day,
                                                                 my stars by night. You
                                                                          were everything to me.


Now, I still hurt. I still remember the pain. I still feel the blow, the heartache,
the suffering.                               But do you                                know what?
I still love                                    you I forgive                          you. I want you
back in my                                  arms. I need                          you. I’ll take you
back; always.                              And I know                                you’re sorry,
but let the                                  past die. All                             I know is that

you love me                                now, and I                                love you too.

Welcome back,                          I remember                                   you now;


I love you.

I always

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally, it spells love with the words, but I guess I can't do that on here. I though I was being clever. :P

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wow!! i LOVE this:) it's

wow!! i LOVE this:) it's really good. i like how it went form being lost and not knowing someone/being able to remember them then going to knowing who they are and finding them again. it's amaizing. my favorite lines had to be 'You were my sun by day, my stars by night". I love looking at the stars and all, so that was just something nice to read. anyways, great job!!

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