Tears In Your Hands


The tears flow each day I wake
I pray for your hands to catch these tears
You hold my tears in the palm of your hands
I dream of you, you were crucified
I hold you in my heart this morning.

I give the pain to you my Lord
Guide me in thy light today.

Help me see all things your way.

Oh you hold my tears in the palm of your hands
It's such a delight to stand where I am.

For you have lead me no matter what the world thinks
You have kept me in your ways and my thoughts are always on you.

Listen for my cry Lord, I give it all to you
My heart aches for heaven at times
One day we will see you coming in the sky

Help me stand while you catch the tears I cry.

I love you Lord

Written By Betty Bolden
Jesus Is my Joy Ministries

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 i had tears of joy over a girl ialmost married