Daddy, why do you have to yell so much?
Hurting feeling and breaking hearts.

Daddy, why do you have to scream at mommy?
Nobody likes yelling, especially her.

Daddy, why do you want to take everything away?
Burning down a house just to get your way.

Daddy, why do you say this isn't my fault?
When i know i did something wrong.

Daddy, why yell all the time?
Happiness is a better feeling

Why hurt people daddy?
Sometimes i feel like running away...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a vent i did a long time ago because my father always yells.

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My Dear Dead Brother

Go ahead and cry for me
But if you really wanted me
You wouldn't have come back
You wouldn't have haunted me

I don't need you here
I need to move on
But I can't do that
Unless you're gone

I buried a part of me
when I buried you
That part has to die
Or I won't make it through

Rest in peace, little solider
But let me alone
Can't see you see
I'll do just fine on my own

I love you dearly
but I'll never see you again
So rest in peace
All good things must end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'A dream. All a dream, That ends in nothing.' thats all death is.

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You won't cry
cause you've always known
that in the end
you'd be alone

so many moments
went to waste
now someones gone
You can't replace

Pain: it drives stick
and it goes so fast
takes you where you hate
but this kind doesn't last

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because some pain won't last forever.

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Lifes a lie,
I won't yelp.
But I cry,
I need help.
Nothing anyone will do,
And no one truly cares.
It's nothing new,
It constantly tares.
And along with tears,
Comes blood and scars.
It all really sears,
Hidden unlike cars.
Help is not asked,
Because they just ignore.
I feel like an outcast,
It digs to my core.
One day Ill cut deep,
Purpose or accident?
The knife will seep,
Ill find out what I meant.
Suicide or a slip,
Either ones great.
Knife will take a dip,
Everything and everyone will be to late.

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Why Do I Have To Cry

The flowers bloom in spring
Born anew is everything
You do not have to cry!
Sharing this beauty with me you could be
You do not have to sigh!

In the summer noon, when the sun is out
Upon the land it shines so brightly
You do not need to cry!
Holding me by the hand you could be
You do not need to sigh!

Tenderly in Autumn, winds blow
Leaves gently fall
You do not need to cry!
We could have it all I know
You do not need to sigh!

In winter evenings, it is cold outside
Within my heart it is colder
You never wanted us apart
You do not need to sigh!

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