The Little Pig and the Apple Tree (by Eugenio Granja, David Alejandro García and Daniela Santos)

Once upon a time, there was a big and beautiful apple tree, and beneath it, a little pig would lie and eat the biggest, reddest, juiciest, yummiest apples in all the forest (that this and only this tree could give).

But there was a problem, every day, more and more little brown birds would fly in from the south, perch on the tree and peck at the apples.

“My apples! Don’t touch my apples!” yelled the little pig, but the birds couldn’t understand the pig’s language, they would only go ke! ke! ke!, not even kawh! kawh! kawh! like normal birds, and that drove the little pig crazy. “They are dirty and smelly and just too many!” the little pig was really upset. So he thought of a plan. He planned to scare the birds away and build a big bird cage around the apple tree, that way the birds would have to look for apples somewhere else and everything would be great again.

But the little pig needed help, he couldn’t do such a tremendous task alone. So he went around the forest, talking to the other animals.

“The birds are eating from our apples, leaving them full of holes! We need to kick them out or we’ll end up with nothing!” said the little pig.

“But the tree is part of the forest, and the forest belongs to everyone and no one,” said the owl.

“But we were here first!” argued the sheep.

“Actually, the bison were here first.”

“That doesn’t count!”

To make a long story short, they argued and argued for a long time, until the little pig finally convinced some of the other animals to help him build the bird cage.

It took some time, but finally the last of the little brown birds was kicked out. The animals were very happy. With help from the other animals, the little pig climbed the tree all the way to the top. He smiled triumphantly as he threw the apples down to the animals who were devotedly cheering for him. The pig was a hero, and on top of all that he could have all the apples he wanted!

But there was a new problem, some of the animals weren’t taking the apples. They simply didn’t want them.

“What’s wrong?” asked the little pig.

“My apple has a worm in it!” said one of the sheep.

“Mine too!” said another.

Soon the little pig was attacked left and right with mine too’s.

“Well, just pick them out!” yelled the pig.

“Me? I’m not gonna touch a worm. Gross!”

“Well, look for an apple that doesn’t have worms!” yelled the pig.

“They all have worms!”

“Nonsense!” The little pig picked the nearest apple and took a huge bite. He didn’t find a worm in the apple, he found something worse… a half eaten worm! The little pig was so grossed out that he fainted and fell from the tree.

        When the little pig woke up, he saw that the animals had cut a hole in the cage, letting the birds in.

“Are you alright, my friend?” asked the owl.

“What happened?” asked the little pig.


“You see, without the birds around there was no one to eat the worms, and so, the worms multiplied and plagued our food. By kicking the birds out, we disrupted the balance of nature. All of the species have an important role in our dear forest. Only if we learn to set aside our greed, become united, and work together, we may be able to keep the forest and its inhabitants alive and well.”

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There, there in the graveyard was Silence,

No, not Peace, just not Violence.


Anger and Torment had left, but Silence had remained,

For what had happened, only Silence had been gained.


Silence had hung around,

Just hanging there, starring at the ground.


Silence was not old, but was among them now,

Silence was there, tied to the bough.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Haven't written anything in quite a while, feedback and comments welcome! 

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Tree and Bird

Tree and Bird


Tree lets bird play, without shooing away

not taken by convulsive throes.

Like a primate, in a vegetative state

who wishes to scratch his nose.

Tree has a need, to spread his seed

so he welcomes little birds toes.

He offers a bribe, to be carried inside

and removed from my car with a hose.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

set to music here

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A Tree

A tree is like a mother,

Since it does look after,

Whoever needs its assistance,

And unconditional warmth everyone gets.


A tree provides us with shelter,

With shadow far and near,

With food healthy and mouth-watering,

With timber to build home for us to be living.


A tree keeps on giving on earth,

Since its inception, since its birth.

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*Ode To A Big Tall Colorful Tree*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


A big tall colorful tree

Just standing in a pool of color

For all to see


One by one

Colorful leaves start to slowly fall

And have their final rest

On the ground

The lay silently without a sound

Until kids come by to have a ball

With all the awesome leaves

That they have found

In their minds they still can't believe

On how beautiful big and round the tree stands


The kids make big piles

And jump in the leaves laughing

Throwing them in the air

On their backs now relaxing without a care

As the leaves fall back down

Brushing against their face

All these came from a tree with bark so brown

Waving its branches at its own pace


This tree has big strong arms

When you step back with amazement 

Or swinging on that handmade swing

Your heartbeat is racing with alarm

While listening to the birds sing

You capture the joyment

The tree has to give

It may be old 

But this tree still has long to live


A couple sits down

By the big tall colorful tree

Everyone in town

Sees the beauty of what may be 

The lives that it has seen

From a childs life to becoming an adult

Just imagen the tree came from a nut


The couple sits

And just stares peacefully

Relaxing a long side the tree


As years past

This big tall colorful tree

People are amazed on what they see

Hopeing and wishing that this tree will last

As beautiful as it may be 




*Untitled 2*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

The tree swishes in the early morning 
Swish swish 
Sitting up against it 
My mother yelling a warning 
Who could of  imagened it was born from a small little seed 
The tree had two branches low to the ground 
With bright yellow flowers with tiny nector for the birds to feed 
As they are perched sitting peacefully with thier beautiful melody sound 


Looking at the branches again 
So tall and muscular 
It's like the arms were trying to hold me 
I would sit there until days end 
Feeling the light warm breeze across my face 
A calming through my body it would send 
My heart at a slower pace 


I knew it was time to go 
When I heard my mother say "come in" 
But i didnt want to because I wanted to stay 
The big beautiful tree looked so alone 
But on that cloudless day 
I wish I could of known 
My fate that would play 


As I stood to head In 
The branches that where low to the ground 
Suddenly out of nowhere 
Hit me from behind and made me fall 
I jusy lay there with a blank stare 


I went to get up again 
The branch grabbed my leg 
And pulled me in 
To a dark damp cold hole is all i could see 
That wasnt there before 
No matter how hard i fought 
I couldnt win 
It felt like the tree wanted my soul 
A fear fell over me quickly but yet i still struggled more 
As I did this I only fell futher into the hole 
This once peaceful tree, turned bad 
Had no plans on setting me free 
All of a sudden I felt sad 
In the soul of the bark 
 my life is where i will live I will be 


I was never found 
The tree didnt want me to go 
so he took me within 
He kept my soul 
Now I can see everything he sees 
Stuck in the tall and muscular tree 
Knowing and waiting 
Until it happens again 
I will never leave I will remain as be 
My mother again calls for me 
But returns into the house without knowing 
That never again her daughter she loves 
She will never again see 
No evidenece where i am will be showing 



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*Presents Under The Tree*

December.24.2000 @ 11:55am 
Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Waking up on christmas day 
Seeing presents under the tree 
Thank you santa is what I say 
Bringing presents for you and me 
That is how you show your love that way


Smiles on peoples faces 
The shine in their eyes 
On christmas there is love in different places 
Seeing decorations up so high 


Presents under the tree 
They are brought with love 
It sends spirits free 
Knowing on the roof santa is above 


People buy gifts from the heart 
Giving and sharing 
Christmas is my favorite from the start 
Knowing they're people caring 


Presents under the tree 
Snow outside is falling 
Even people give presents to people who can't see 
Knowing the presents are calling 


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The One Who

She is the one who betrays

She is the one who lies

She is the one who plays

Those silly games that wry


For she was apart of my tree

For she was at the table with me

For she was the strength

That gave me great length


Now she's gone

When she broke off

And went to the thorn

That was forn

           The Tree!

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the tree on the hill.

Summer! Oh! please come quick

Quick as a fox to snatch and shit.

That shit it gave will make us gay

And i don't mean that sensitive way.


The violet hill is anti-war.

Songs about peace to everyone.

Songs that makes us all believe

That things will better; so don't quit.


Though spring means life, winter then death.

But Summer is what my heart longeth.

Then fall is my emotionless state

I do care less than an apple cheese cake.


So I'm just a tree on a crazy hill.

Waiting for the sun and the frizzling rain.

I wait for the winter wounds to heal.

I wait for the changes of the seasons' air.


So I'm just a tree on a crazy hill.

Well I'm just a tree and I can't feel.

No I can't dream and I can't sing.

I'm just a troubled tree, a troubled king.





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