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This is a tv news interview with our founder Jason Minton, a very generous, tolerant, noncensoring, hardworking poetry lover and computer expert. It is a free site.

The webpage art was a gift and was drawn in perhaps 3 minutes by Greg McCray

Any poem, sentence or phrase of mine may be reproduced.

Both of our parents were gifted poets, but because both lived lives of sacrificial love for each other and their children, they did not have the time to pursue their own desires.

A poem our mother wrote about the funeral of President John F Kennedy:
The sound of shot.
The roar of gun.
Thy will be done
blares the drum

The sudden shock
The news far flung
Thy will be done
beats the drum

The hour of grief
The darkened sun
Thy will be done
rolls the drum.

The sound of shot
The grave begun.
Thy will be done
mourns the drum.

Our grandfather Paul B:
As a volunteer fireman at the
beginning of the 20th Century
he joined a circle of men
who protected a black prisoners
from lynching by a mob.

Our grandmother visited German
relatives in 1938 and refused to
say heil Hitler to anyone.

Our father in the 1930's
did pro bono work for the NAACP
He was the first attorney
in his city to sue
over a policeman's beating of a black prisoner. He later convinced
all of Akron's theaters to end the practice of requiring blacks to sit
in the balcony.

Thank you Richard Wilbur for awakening love of poetry
with a stanza about a milkweed in "Two Voices In A Meadow"

These poems are dedicated to my beloved parents, sibling families
friends, and all beings.
families, other loved ones and all God's creatures,

Since these are poems to people of many paths and beliefs, the
ideology of different ways and religions might irritate some
readers for which the writer asks forgiveness.

All beings are beautiful seen through eyes of love. - Saint of Shirdi
The mother sees no fault in any of her children -Jillelamudi Mother
One never has enough data to assign value to any action
- Starseed Transmissions
The message is always first for the messenge...- Course In Miracles

I am very grateful to Attorney William Whitaker of Akron Ohio
who in the 1970'w worked hard on a lawsuit challenging compulsory mowing.


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