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Both of my parents were gifted poets, but because both lived lives of sacrificial love
for each other and their children, they did not have the time to pursue their own desires.
A poem my mother wrote about the funeral of President John F Kennedy:
The sound of shot.
The roar of gun.
Thy will be done
blares the drum.

The sudden shock.
The news farflung.
Thy will be done
beats the drum.

The hour of grief.
The darkened sun.
Thy will be done
rolls the drum.

The sound of shot.
The grave begun.
Thy will be done
mourns the drum.

-Nellie S Bertsch-


As a volunteer fireman
he joined a circle of men
attempting to protect
the courthouse from KKK
arsonists seeking to
lynch a black prisoner outside
or burn him alive inside.

The prisoner was
taken to safety
out the back door.

My grandfather imprinted
his views on his son who
would later be disbarred by a
panel which included KKK judges for
being the first attorney
in his city to sue the police force
over the beating of black prisoners.

Thank you Richard Wilbur for awakening my love of poetry
with a stanza about a milkweed in "Two Voices In A Meadow"
and Ogden Nash for expanding my idea of rhyme.
A humble request:
If you wish to print any of these poems, please do on
a disc or CD, or on 100% cotton, rice, scrap or recycled paper.
The writer prints on the back of paper others have printed on
that I not have more dead tree karma.

Dedication To You

Dear Reader, Re the poems so far on

God whom you might call Abba, Father, YHWH, Allah, Great Spirit,
Shiva, Higher Power, Divine Mother, Kwon Yin..
Heart Indweller of All has supplied the brain, the thoughts, the pen, the paper, the environment of all who write poems.
I have attempted to walk on water and have failed.
These poems are coming to you from the bottom of the pond.
They are dedicated to The Lord Of All Trees who is God.
and all God's creatures, my parents, beloved siblings'
families, other loved ones. Whether or not they are individually dedicated they are dedicated especially to you. in gratitude that you
ignite them to life with your eyelight and on earth spread
your soul light.
The mind is a belltower into which bird thoughts fly from other places. The mind does not own the thoughts.. is not the source for the thoughts.
Nor does the lion's mouth of stone in the fountain
originate the water which flows through his mouth.
Negative thoughts are wingless birds whose
molecules' residue sticks in the brain instead of taking flight.
May these birds be well enough to fly.

May God quickly fulfill or melt away your heart's

It is said in the Course In Miracles that the message is
first for the messenger. I write what I must learn.
I write about nonviolence.. yet slaughterhouses make me
angry in thought and sire words of judgment in my mind.
I write about fruitarian diet, and yet do not follow a 100%
uncooked, organic, nonviolently harvested regimen.
It is the unripe in myself and others which most needs love.

Lest you be a Christian or scientist offended by the
reference to the stars ordained by God to travel in their
paths, writer cites that the first Gentiles to visit Jesus
were Magi astrologers and that Gauquelin, French statistician,
in passing 300,000 birthdates and occupations through
a computer in an attempt to disprove astrology, became a believer.
God can always edit the play God has written.
May the mistakes of my life in the past and present not interfere
with anyone's approach to the temple of His or Her own heart.

She had always been honored when entrusted to the
secrets of another's heart.
As time went on, the writer wanted no word, opinion,
or deed of hers to keep away any one. She could no longer
stand to hurt hearts, to see startled upset eyes react
to her stronger opinions or thoughtless remarks.
She aspired to be like the ocean, receiving all rivers.
She wanted no heart to be
afraid to approach the door of her own.

My parents led lives of sacrifice for their children
and never were able to follow their dreams. God give them
their joyawakened dreams now and forever.

These poems have been written by me between 1954 and now..
Some have been published in the book Wind-Of-Fire,
in Andrew Linzey's poetry anthology, Theosophist Newsletter,
Jewish Vegetarian, on others' sites and in other media.

Since these are poems to people of many paths and beliefs, the
ideology of different ways and religions might irritate some
readers for which the writer asks forgiveness.

God give me grace to remove judging, harshness, any inaccuracy
from these poems.

Thank you Post Poems for what you have done for thousands
of poets. Some poets of past centuries went
door to door selling their manuscripts.. eking out a living
to feed their families.
1. allowing poem editing without losing the original time stamp
2. PP puts a copyright symbol on each of your poems
3. PP never deletes or censors, allows others to critique poems,
and gives writers the option of keeping or deleting criqiues.

Thank you to Josh M and all the others who provide this.

This writer asks your forgiveness if I have offended you.

Forgive me and each being.

I bow to God living in you as you. I bow to your unique
and sacred path to the Love Divine inside.

Your comments and criticism are welcomed at the email
Since we believe poems are not as important as trees,
please if any
appeal to you, download on a. the backside of paper
b. cotton c. rice d. 100% recycled or nontree paper.
Those edited or revised in 2012 may be posted on the internet (but not on paper) if
they include

author, dedicatee listed with poem
and b. published
on an internet site
and c. poems remain unedited or else state that the selection is
a phrase or sentence fragment of a poem
d. no exclusive rights granted

A footnote: In some poetry forums the following words
may have 'thingy' as a filter substitute: Emily Dickinson,
cockroach, pussywillow.

My teacher has over 100 million
followers of all faiths. The first books I read about him were Baba
by Hollywood screenwriter Arnold Schulman and The Holy Man
and the Psychiatrist by San Diego
psychiatrist Sam Sandweiss. Subsequently I read books
by a Russian yoga teacher Indra Devi, an Australian Theosophist
Howard Murphet, an African Christian Victor Kanu, an Italian
priest Don Mario Mazzoleni, a British animal rights activist
Peggy Mason, a German embassy employee etc.

About My Navel

Thank you Jason Minton and
Postpoems Staff, for your kindness,
tolerance, professional site, and great generosity.

Writer had thought she was the
only Saiom Shriver...
whether or not this is so,
the person using is
not I.

My post number is 1729 and I have found that number is 9 cubed plus 10 cubed as well
as 1 cubed plus 12 cubed.

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All beings are beautiful
seen through eyes of love.
Saint of Shirdi


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