Monthly Archive for August 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
"As juliet did!" Poem Nediot 1 Aug 18th
Goodbye life Poem miss_terious 1 Suicide Self Harm Depression Mental Health Aug 18th
Inhale/Exhale Poem Nate Aug 18th
No one falls in love with me Poem Nate Aug 18th
The greatest song Poem Nate Aug 18th
هل لي أعود.. ولو شريد! Poem Nibras Aug 18th
It consumes me Poem nighthawk21 Aug 18th
I Am Still Under Construction Part ll! Poem prboggs Spirituality Aug 18th
Life Poem romeo122 Life/Living Aug 18th
?? Poem stately_lover 1 Aug 18th
can you? Poem stately_lover Aug 18th
Goodbye Poem thecrazypalekid Aug 18th
almost parrot ice Poem thekirby Abstract Aug 18th
pasttense pressidense Poem voighdt Speeches Aug 18th
give me time... Poem Addisonluka Aug 18th
Reality Poem _jennita_ Aug 18th
Baby Bird Poem _jennita_ Aug 18th
Home Poem _jennita_ Aug 18th
حرطليق Poem almouallem Aug 19th
Just a friend Poem amy_howard Acceptance Aug 19th
Shattered Poem amy_howard Acceptance Aug 19th
You're not the one Poem amy_howard Devotion Aug 19th
Congratulations Poem amy_howard Aug 19th
Memories from the girls of my generation Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
It Hurts Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Confidence Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Just so you know Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Longing Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Meaningless Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Roses crumble Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Afraid Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Pieces of Danielle Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
My Fantasy Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
July 2 2005 Poem pixie_83 family Aug 19th
Lost Daughter Poem pixie_83 Abuse Aug 19th
Patti Jo Poem pixie_83 1 family Aug 19th
To my family and friends Poem pixie_83 Acceptance Aug 19th
Forget-me-nots Poem pixie_83 1 Bittersweet Aug 19th
It's not okay Poem pixie_83 1 family Aug 19th
To the Estes family Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Believing Poem pixie_83 Soul mates Aug 19th
In Paradisum Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Expression Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Quietly it lays dormant Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Savior Poem pixie_83 2 religion Aug 19th
The universe inside me Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Thirteen Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
With Words Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Words Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Thoughts Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Trying to sleep Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
untitled may 05 Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
You used to whisper Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Your eyes Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Haunting me Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
I got a secret Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
Two worlds Poem pixie_83 Aug 19th
!!! قصاصات ورق !!! Poem asaihati Aug 19th
It's Raining Outside **WARNING** Poem Megsamoo00 1 Dark Love Aug 19th
Hawks and Doves Poem dakotadarkhorse War Aug 19th
My Own God Poem dakotadarkhorse Aug 19th
No Escape Poem dakotadarkhorse Aug 19th
Praying Mantis vs. Venus Fly Trap Poem dakotadarkhorse Aug 19th
Lil' Devil Poem dakotadarkhorse Aug 19th
Vanish Poem dakotadarkhorse Aug 19th
Port of Call Poem dakotadarkhorse Aug 19th
Joke Poem eyesofarunner Aug 19th
Standard Lines of The Believer Poem eyesofarunner Aug 19th
Butterflies reminds U Poem geneconner2008 Aug 19th
I Took A Walk( a calling and confession) Poem honey811 1 Aug 19th
" The Light " Poem honey811 4 Aug 19th
Tears for the disowned Poem kyoksil sadness Aug 19th
Panaghoy sa sinapupunan Poem kyoksil sadness Aug 19th
Dalangin ng Sanggol Poem kyoksil sadness Aug 19th
Pride Poem maybethepoet 1 work Aug 19th
I Dream in Fragments Poem maybethepoet 1 Song Lyrics Aug 19th
ما السبب! Poem Nibras Aug 19th
و أحفظ عن ظهر حُزني..آهتين Poem Nibras Aug 19th
The City Poem DarkStatic Imagery Aug 19th
Zany Poem pamschwetz 2 Aug 19th
Not The Same Girl Poem poeticdreamer150 Change/Transition Aug 19th
How Could They? Poem poetictragedy000 Aug 19th
* Crisp Wind Blowing * Poem poetvg Aug 19th
* Reminising * Poem poetvg Aug 19th
* OceanWaves * Poem poetvg 1 Aug 19th
Congratulations Joe Ur On Ur Way! Poem prboggs friendship Aug 19th
Scott You Are One Impressive Guy! Poem prboggs Tributes/Odes Aug 19th
STREETS Poem rachela 1 Aug 19th
Rip the Wings of a Butterfly Poem sacrifice 1 Depression Aug 19th
free advice Poem significance_of_2 2 Song Lyrics Aug 19th
Paper Hearts Poem spf Aug 19th
Repulsive Poem spf Aug 19th
Preamble Poem theglamour2154 1 Faith Aug 19th
A Child's Salvation Poem theglamour2154 2 Faith Aug 19th
Kein Mitleid fur die Mehrheit Poem theglamour2154 choices Aug 19th
Eels Beneath the Tempest Poem theglamour2154 love Aug 19th
Throwing the Hammer Poem theglamour2154 Loneliness Aug 19th
Deus Mortis Poem theglamour2154 Spirituality Aug 19th
Untitled Poem theglamour2154 Abstract Aug 19th
Lucilyst Poem theglamour2154 Abstract Aug 19th
Pillar of Fault Poem theglamour2154 Other Aug 19th
Touching Spirits Poem theglamour2154 Abstract Aug 19th
Quacks Poem theglamour2154 Other Aug 19th
The First Dream That Made Sense Poem theglamour2154 Abstract Aug 19th
Asphalt Seagulls Poem theglamour2154 1 Acceptance Aug 19th
Trinkets Poem theglamour2154 Acceptance Aug 19th
Celebration Poem theglamour2154 friendship Aug 19th
Untitled (Black Hole) Poem theglamour2154 Life/Living Aug 19th
Beauty Poem trot 2 Aug 19th
Fireflies (Keep Burning) Poem wishful_thinking Aug 19th
Mary Jane Poem 41tulips Aug 20th
Windows Poem 41tulips Aug 20th
WHAT IS LOVE Poem angelface4299620 Aug 20th
A Call to the People Poem beastlymcfarlen Aug 20th
SO UGH Poem converseallstar Fury Unleashed Aug 20th
Whyoming Poem dakotadarkhorse 1 Aug 20th
innosence Poem emerald_eyes Being Loved Aug 20th
Depresed Mind Poem emerald_eyes Depression Aug 20th
Detached Poem fighter4life 1 Fear Aug 20th
When I look at you Poem geneconner2008 Aug 20th
Poetry Poem honey811 2 Aug 20th
"Death Feared" Poem honey811 2 Aug 20th
the good girl........ Poem jazzy91 1 Aug 20th
the good girl part 2............... Poem jazzy91 1 Aug 20th
A Soldier's Scar Poem kiss_yo_luck 1 War Aug 20th
SOON TO COME Poem kittymonkey Abstract Aug 20th
Eternal Dancer Poem lcprettiboi83 Aug 20th
Mother Poem lcprettiboi83 Aug 20th
Summer Nights Poem lcprettiboi83 1 Aug 20th
You and I Poem lcprettiboi83 Aug 20th
Guarded Heart Poem lcprettiboi83 Aug 20th
The Fear Inside Poem lcprettiboi83 1 Aug 20th
Behind Amber Eyes Poem lcprettiboi83 Aug 20th
Peace Within A Storm Poem lcprettiboi83 1 Aug 20th
Coffee! Poem lilwinky Coffee Aug 20th
Somewhere a Soldier..... Poem lilwinky Heroism/Heroes Aug 20th
Somewhere a Veteran... Poem lilwinky Heroism/Heroes Aug 20th
I love it... Poem lostinnocence Abuse Aug 20th
I Can't Poem lostinnocence Rejection Aug 20th
Band-Aids Cover Up The Blood Poem lovelymissrai Aug 20th
Meaning of (my) life Poem silentdreamer1988 Life/Living Aug 20th
Reality of Life Poem silentdreamer1988 Life/Living Aug 20th
Hide from the truth Poem silentdreamer1988 Life/Living Aug 20th
Judgment Day Poem silentdreamer1988 Life/Living Aug 20th
Realistic Dream Poem silentdreamer1988 dreams Aug 20th
Broken and Depressed Poem silentdreamer1988 Depression Aug 20th
Meant to be lonely Poem silentdreamer1988 Loneliness Aug 20th
Don’t break me Poem silentdreamer1988 Depression Aug 20th
The endtimes Poem silentdreamer1988 death Aug 20th
What to do now? Poem silentdreamer1988 confusion Aug 20th
The road of life Poem silentdreamer1988 confusion Aug 20th
Tears and Memories Poem silentdreamer1988 Memories Aug 20th
I've tried so hard Poem silentdreamer1988 Depression Aug 20th
Forever in my mind Poem silentdreamer1988 Memories Aug 20th
خمسة مقاطع من.. ذاكرتنا Poem Nibras Aug 20th
هذا زمان اللا وُجود! Poem Nibras Aug 20th
Untitled -- 8.20.2005 Poem nightangel Bittersweet Aug 20th
Those that talk about me Poem ozzypoemgirl Other Aug 20th
The Lie I Love (Romeo) Poem poetictragedy000 Aug 20th
Flip the Hourglass Poem qt_poet 1 Decisions Aug 20th
Self Exile Poem raspberry_tears choices Aug 20th
Hidden Admiration Poem raspberry_tears 1 Unrequited Love Aug 20th
Lost Poem raspberry_tears Existence Aug 20th
Conflict Poem raspberry_tears 1 Irony Aug 20th
Cracked Reflection Poem raspberry_tears Aug 20th
Emptiness Poem raspberry_tears Abuse Aug 20th
Heart Ache Poem raspberry_tears Breaking Up Aug 20th
August 19, 2005 Poem redspider Aug 20th
I Haven't Been Up All Night Thinking of You. Poem tin_foil_tiaras Aug 20th
THE POETS WANTED POSTER (is yo name on this list) Poem vettie 1 Aug 20th
That Day Poem _jennita_ Aug 20th
No sé a quién Poem amores Aug 21st
Healer (undergoing revision) Poem ScorpioDominant Hidden Love Aug 21st
In love with a memory Poem dis_konnected Aug 21st
choices Poem dis_konnected Hope Aug 21st
cars Poem dis_konnected Aug 21st
the beach Poem dis_konnected Hate Aug 21st
staring into the ocean Poem dis_konnected Decisions Aug 21st
Fading Poem fighter4life 2 Pain/Sorrow Aug 21st
Faded Poem honey811 1 Aug 21st
I SEE Poem honey811 1 Aug 21st
A Message Poem honey811 1 Aug 21st
Gurl on The Other Side Poem jecantz Aug 21st
Bucolic Feats of Gujarat Poem jgupta Aug 21st
Time To Change Poem joelcarter_86 Change/Transition Aug 21st
LYRE BIDDEN EUPHONY Poem kittymonkey Abstract Aug 21st
unison Poem kragey Word Play Aug 21st
war Poem kragey War Aug 21st
a eulogy for white Poem kragey Gothic Aug 21st
The Secret of Joy Poem kragey 1 Acceptance Aug 21st
Sinner Poem lilone_is_on_fi... 1 Aug 21st
The Final End Poem lovelymissrai Aug 21st
RSVP~zIS 11 0'clock Poem nagelmodel Devotion Aug 21st
The Justice Of Peace Hereby Declared Poem nagelmodel marriage Aug 21st
Inevitable is the Complaint Poem nagelmodel 1 regret Aug 21st
Couple Of Odds Poem nagelmodel 1 Aug 21st
Sitting on a Beach Poem nagelmodel 1 Beauty Aug 21st
Something called It Poem Nate Aug 21st
JUST BECAUSE Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 21st
Identity Defect Poem spf Aug 21st
Your Finally Happy Poem susannahope Aug 21st
An Oxymoron Defeating Your Own Purpose Poem tina_lynne Aug 21st
Maybe I Could... Poem tin_foil_tiaras Aug 21st
All Things Work Out Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 21st
When We Were "We" Poem 41tulips Aug 22nd
Ghosts Poem 41tulips Aug 22nd
Tug Of War Poem 41tulips Aug 22nd
Thinking of someone, that somone is you... Poem amy_howard Aug 22nd
An Asthmatics Perspective Poem beastlymcfarlen Aug 22nd
I Myself Poem beastlymcfarlen Aug 22nd
Teardrops in the River Poem bobby_2825 1 Aug 22nd
DEAR NANA Poem chris 1 Abstract Aug 22nd
THE WARS WE FIGHT Poem chris Abstract Aug 22nd
I Wonder Poem crazynm04 Missing You Aug 22nd
Sounds In The Hallway Poem dasweetyjd Aug 22nd
Tombstone Poem dasweetyjd Aug 22nd
Oh... Poem dasweetyjd Aug 22nd
Untitled -- 8.22.2005 Poem eduffy Aug 22nd
IN MY ARMS Poem elche Aug 22nd
WHAT IF.... Poem elche Aug 22nd
YOURS Poem elche Aug 22nd
NEED Poem elche Aug 22nd
WE MAN Poem elche Aug 22nd
Your image Poem elche Aug 22nd
YOU LAUGH Poem elche Aug 22nd
MY GIRL Poem elche Aug 22nd
IN FRONT Poem elche Aug 22nd
LETTING YOU GO Poem elche Aug 22nd
TO YOU MOTHER Poem elche Aug 22nd
WOMEN TO ME Poem elche Aug 22nd
PRECIOUS Poem elche Aug 22nd
YOU Poem elche 1 Aug 22nd
WHAT DO YOU WANT Poem elche Aug 22nd
LIFE Poem elche Aug 22nd
ILLUSION Poem elche Aug 22nd
CUBIC Poem elche Aug 22nd
YOUR CRYSTAL ROSE Poem elche Aug 22nd
MY FUNERAL Poem elche Aug 22nd
STRICKING YOUR LIFE Poem elche Aug 22nd
BOOMERANG Poem elche Aug 22nd
MY SPIT HAND Poem elche Aug 22nd
STEP UP Poem elche Aug 22nd
MY NEW COMPANION Poem elche Aug 22nd
FRIEND IN NEED Poem elche Aug 22nd
LET ME BE Poem elche Aug 22nd
THE WHOLE NIGHT Poem elche Aug 22nd
DARKNESS Poem elche Aug 22nd
THE REALITY Poem elche Aug 22nd
HUMAN PUPPET Poem elche Aug 22nd
EXPLANATOIN Poem elche Aug 22nd