The Lie I Love (Romeo)

I'm afraid to count and think about the number of ways and times this has been tried on me.

Apparently they should see that if I haven't given up there should be a reason why.

I'm not stupid, I'm not inconsiderate, I'm not holding onto "false hope".

Things change, people change.

Time changes everything.

Only it hasn't changed the way I feel and care about him.

They say once a bad person, always a bad person.

But how can he always be when he never was to begin with?

Always highlight the negative, don't you--you immature self-centered egotistic people?

There's always an exception to every so-called rule.

You just like to pin-point things and have perfect, clean, healthy, safe, utopia lives.

Well this is the REAL WORLD and it has none of the above.

You dream of going to heaven and living happily every after with the most wonderful things in life.

And if a problem occurred--it's someone else's fault.

Well maybe it's your turn to be wrong.

We all know it's true, you just haven't had the confidence to admit to it yet.

You know, you always apologize for screaming at me.

But how sorry can you really be?

You're apologizing for things you shouldn't have done in the first place!

Maybe you should think next time before you yell and scream at and tatter your teenage daughter--

The one you so loved and cared for and were so gentle with until she mixed with people you really do like--

Although you don't admit to that either.

So it's your way or the highway, huh?

Well that's a dangerous place for you to put me.

You'll be sorry in the end.

Because no matter what, I'll end up with and still love Romeo--

My first goddamn love;

The one YOU believe

Is a


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