It's Raining Outside **WARNING**

It was raining last night.

The clouds thundered and it sounded like a hammer hit.

I was safe inside, covers over my head.

Then you rang my door bell.

Hell began as soon as you touch my door.

Silence came over me as I walked down the stairs.

What do you want tonight my angel of darkness?

Is it my blood?

Or my life?

My hand opened the door, and before I could see you,

you were on me.

You captured my lips.

You pulled me close.

I could feel every curve of your body.

Your lips were rough, they hurt the harder you pressed them onto mine.

I wanted to beg you to stop.

My body connects with a vase, and like my life,

it falls and breaks.

Your hands wander all down my back.

I try to fight you, but I'm weak and you're strong.

Pushing me all over the place,

I feel blood on my cheek.

Finally I am able to break this torture.

I throw myself from you.

Eyes blazing with desire and hatred.

My lungs have regained breath.

You lunge at me and I trip, falling into the lamp.

Dragging me up stairs, I whimper and cry out.

You force my door in and throw me onto the bed.

My mind won't let me think.

I know what you want.

My shoulder hurts from you throwing me into the wall.

You tell me to shut up and straddle my waist.

Your hands hold mine down, and I cry.

This is how it all began.

This torture and hell I live in.

Breathe in the smell of physical abuse.

Rip my clothes off.

Hurt me bad.

Put a knife into my heart.

Do what you want.

Its been done by you before.

It was raining last night.

This morning it stopped.

Just today they found me here.

Sheets soaked in blood.

My body contorted into a sickening angle.

Were you happy that you killed me?

Where did you bury my heart?

Your kisses were dangerous.

Its raining now.

As they place me in the ground.

Mocking me, you place white roses on my head stone.

You bastard.

You think its a joke.

You played with me.

A toy, something to be discarded.

They will find you.

Until then...

It's Raining Outside.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How could anyone hurt someone so bad?? How can someone love to hurt??

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Gary Fritz's picture

Great poem i felt like i was there, i enjoyed reading it and a few other of your